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home : life : food & recipes August 27, 2015

7 things you can do to bring "break" back to your summer
(BPT) - Ahhhh … summer break. The thought still sounds exciting, but the reality is adults really don’t get a break during the summer. While many people resort to “enjoying” the summer from their desks, you owe it to yourself to stop the cycle, get out and take back a littl... More >>

Inspired gluten-free entertaining and snacking [Infographic]
(BPT) - Celiac Disease Awareness Month is in May to raise awareness of the genetic autoimmune disease which interferes with the absorption of nutrients from food and can cause intestinal damage. Currently, the only way to manage the disease is through diet by eliminating all gluten-containing foods... More >>

What's your favorite ice cream flavor? Geography may say a bit about your frozen go-to treat
(BPT) - Ice cream is the summer staple treat that is enjoyed from coast to coast. American’s agree that Vanilla is by far their favorite ice cream flavor. However, other favorite ice cream flavors are quite different depending on where you live. Those in the Northeast prefer Rum Raisin ice cr... More >>

For Father's Day: 5 pieces of advice on how to seize the day
(BPT) - For more than three generations, the Louis M. Martini Winery and the secrets to making a perfect Cabernet have been passed down from father to son. Part of the winery’s success has always been a “seize the day” mentality where hard work and bold risk-taking create world-cl... More >>

Sweeten family togetherness with #SundaeSundays
Did you know that families spend four times more time together on the weekends than the weekdays? In the past year, 53 percent of families spent time together by having a party at home and 51 percent went for ice cream. However you’re spending time with your family this summer, bring everyone... More >>

Spritzers That Pair Perfectly with Summertime Favorites [Infographic]
(BPT) - - Summer revolves around the next cookout, barbecue or picnic. Even a day at the pool becomes an opportunity to snack on all your seasonal favorites. Barefoot Refresh Winemaker Jen Wall suggests these perfect #SpritzerSeason pairings.... More >>

Breeze into summer with cool grape recipes
(BPT) - There’s something about summer that just makes everything feel brighter and lighter, more relaxed and less hurried. That’s how dinner should be, as well – minimal prep time and maximum quality time to sit and enjoy the company of those gathered around the table.Main dish s... More >>

7 top tips for discovering fun restaurants this summer
(BPT) - Summer is finally here which means warmer weather and a reason to get out. Everyone loves to find fun new favorite restaurants that are delicious, unique and reasonably priced. Chase Freedom shares seven tips for discovering and enjoying fun restaurants in your neighborhood!1. Consider your... More >>

Nutritional secrets of Tour de France can fuel everyday athletes
(BPT) - Nutritional bars and packets of energy gel are what you might think of when you imagine a champion cyclist’s diet. But for the 198 men set to embark July 4 for the 102nd Tour de France, a balanced diet based in whole foods — and a lot of them — is critical.The 2015 edition... More >>

What has the restaurant industry talking tech?
(BPT) - The restaurant industry is constantly evolving; new taste sensations are created, new restaurants open, and established businesses franchise. And while these shifts highlight the industry’s progress, they tell only part of the story. Like the rest of business world, the restaurant ind... More >>

Superfood, not supersize your snacking
(BPT) - America is a nation of snackers, consuming an ever-increasing array of larger-sized food. You’ve probably heard of the trend “supersizing.” The challenge is that as our snacks have increased in size, so too have the number of empty calories we consume. Instead of supersizi... More >>

Ready, set, grill [Infographic]
(BPT) - ... More >>

Perfect portions make for a perfect party [Infographic]
(BPT) - ... More >>

Breeze through summer with this quick and easy snack idea
(BPT) - The sun is out and kids are enjoying a much-deserved breather from their daily grind. Parents, on the other hand, must balance children’s summer activities, sports leagues, family summer trips and household errands.  As mom faces her busiest time of year head-on, quick meal and s... More >>

Banish back-to-school lunchbox blues with grapes
(BPT) - When it comes to packing a school lunch, you know the drill: Lay out two slices of bread. Spread one with peanut butter, the other with jelly. Press together, slice diagonally and place in sandwich bag. Repeat. And repeat. And repeat.Of course good ol’ PB&J is a lunchbox staple, b... More >>

5 cooking tricks that add bold flavor to healthy foods
(BPT) - Warm weather and fresh fare go hand in hand. While healthy foods dominate the summer months, too often people fall into meal ruts where all they eat are simple salads and grilled chicken. Nutritious foods don’t have to be boring foods, though, because it’s easy to add pizzazz wi... More >>

5 ways to simplify gluten-free eating this school year
(BPT) - Gluten-free diets are on the rise, especially with an estimated one in 133 Americans affected by Celiac disease, according to the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness. When your child has a restricted diet, packing school lunches can be challenging, but with advance preparation you... More >>

Slaw shines as a hot, fresh approach to summer salad
(BPT) - Nothing beats a refreshing salad in the summer, but even the most delicious fruits and fresh, seasonal vegetables can get dull if you eat them enough. These slaw recipes, however, can be a refreshing way to incorporate the season’s best veggies – and a surprising pop of heat &nd... More >>

5 trendy wedding registry gift ideas for casual lifestyles
(BPT) - While your wedding should be the happiest day of your life, it can also be the happiest day for your kitchen. With a well-planned registry, you’ll be enjoying the fun, creativity and bonding of cooking together at home for years to come — from leisurely weekend breakfasts to rom... More >>

The 'secret sauce' for memorable backyard BBQs
(BPT) - Tips from entertaining expert Libbie SummersMay is National Barbecue Month and signals the start of outdoor entertaining and fun. But how do busy parents find time to throw a memorable, good old-fashioned BBQ when there’s so much to get done?Food inspirationalist and entertaining expe... More >>

How to snack better: Combat hunger between meals
(BPT) - Americans are changing the way they eat. Snacking is part of our daily lifestyles, making up half of all eating occasions, according to a 2014 report from The Hartman Group. With snacking on the rise, healthy eating is often a challenge. However, when done in moderation with nutritious opti... More >>

Live longer, live better: Why the Mediterranean diet just may be the most delicious meal plan yet
(BPT) - Olives and olive oil, fresh vegetables and fruit, whole grains, nuts, legumes, fresh fish and seafood, lean meats, cheese and yogurt and red wine. This may sound like the grocery list for a delicious dinner party (and you wouldn’t be wrong), but these foods are also the staple compone... More >>

Trends turn to cozy and comfortable fall entertaining
(BPT) - As the glorious days of summer slip into crisp evenings, the changing colors trigger a transition in seasonal décor.“There’s an exciting mix of texture and color in fall fashion that’s extending into home decorating,” says designer Julie Robbins. “As for... More >>

Seven ways to say 'Hello' ... with chocolate
(BPT) - Saying hello. It can be easy and comforting if it’s to an old friend, but exciting and even a little scary if it’s to someone new. It can also make for a super sweet connection, especially if you say it with chocolate. Here are seven fun ways to do just that!1. A sweet welcome f... More >>

7 must-haves to summer like a pro
(BPT) - It’s summer, it’s hot and you’re in the mood to dress light, eat light and tote light. So, we found seven must-haves for a day at work, the beach or just chilling out reading the latest best seller. Grab the following basics when you’re heading out for a day on the g... More >>

Drink up; the world's largest glass of ice tea is created in Summerville, South Carolina
(BPT) - The world’s largest ball of twine is in Darwin, Minnesota. The world’s largest bicyclist is in Sparta, Wisconsin. And now the home of the world’s largest glass of ice tea is officially Summerville, South Carolina, fittingly the birthplace of sweet tea.The world-record sett... More >>

Your how-to guide to outdoor entertaining
(BPT) - The end of cold weather signals the change of seasons, a move from indoor to outdoor activities and the perfect time to throw a great party. But before eagerly sending out those first invites, take a few moments to prepare for your upcoming event by following these three easy steps to hosti... More >>

Summertime tips and tricks to breathe new life into your healthy habits
(BPT) - Summer’s the perfect time to re-energize the health and fitness goals you started at the beginning of this year. Nearly 70 percent of Americans set a goal to stay healthy this year and 43 percent had the desire to lose weight by making healthier food choices, according to Nielsen data... More >>

5 sure-fire, stress-free ways to make your summer gathering awesome
(BPT) - Summer is party season, and most people prefer outdoor entertaining during warm months. In fact, a 2014 survey by entertaining website TheSalonniere found that 50 percent of people prefer barbecues in summer, 19 percent like al fresco dinner parties and 12 percent favor a pool party. Many p... More >>

Find your fiesta this Cinco de Mayo [Infographic]
(BPT) - Over half of the U.S. population - whether of Mexican heritage or not - celebrates Cinco de Mayo. And this year, Cinco de Mayo happens to fall on Taco Tuesday, pretty much the ultimate Mexican mash-up. From parades to Chihuahua races or even just a simple party at home, there are plenty of ... More >>

Go ahead, play with your food! Turn snack time into fun time with creative recipes
(BPT) - “Don’t play with your food!” “Use the silverware!” You probably heard those directions from your parents when you were growing up. But times have certainly changed. Now you’re the parent, and TV, video games and numerous digital devices sometimes make it ... More >>

Chocolate makes you melt
(BPT) - Women have known it for years, but as the research in this infographic proves, chocolate really does make them happier. Chocolate is so central to women’s lives that many agree they can never have too much chocolate. In fact, women love chocolate so much that more than half would go b... More >>

Farmers market closed? How to make the most of your grocery store's produce aisle
(BPT) - It’s the same story every year — kids return to school, temperatures drop, summer vacation becomes a fading memory and the local farmers market closes. While you may spend winter longing for the return of 80-degree days and sunny skies, you don’t have to miss out on your f... More >>

10 easy tips to fire up your grill game [Infographic]
(BPT) - ... More >>

Create the perfect cheese board in 4 easy steps
(BPT) - A delicious assortment of cheeses, paired with the right foods, is a feast for the eyes and the palate. You don’t have to be a professional chef to create a cheese board that looks and tastes like a culinary masterpiece.“For entertaining or just a quiet night at home, you can&rs... More >>

Unique tips for sensational summer entertaining
(BPT) - The weather is warm and that means entertaining season has arrived. This year, elevate your gatherings with some unique twists. From serving fresh fare to creating cozy corners in outdoor spaces, you’ll transform your parties from average to amazing in a snap.Delightful decor Mother N... More >>

10 ways to keep your cool with grapes
(BPT) - This time of year, nothing tastes better on a warm day than a refreshing cool snack – like grapes. Delicious and good for you, California grapes are the perfect finger food but they can also be so much more. If you’re looking to treat your palate to new taste sensations, here ar... More >>

Fun ideas to make your summer entertaining a hit
(BPT) - The sweet days of summer signal a long awaited transition for outdoor living. Combine food, family and friends with fresh ideas, and the possibilities for summer entertaining are endless.“There is something so magical about taking a meal outside in the warm weather,” says design... More >>

Foods to fire up your metabolism
(BPT) - When it comes to a fast metabolism, some people seem to have hit the genetic jackpot. Luckily, your metabolism doesn’t solely depend on factors out of your control such as genetics, age, or gender. Modifying your exercise habits and making wiser food choices are two ways anyone can ac... More >>

Not all tilapia are equal: Choosing good from bad
(BPT) - The right seafood can make for a nutritious and satisfying meal, but it’s not always easy to decipher its labeling. Wild-caught, farm-raised, all-natural and organic are just a few buzz words shoppers notice at the seafood counter, but relying on a one-off label alone won’t guar... More >>

Make-ahead appetizers your guests will go nuts over
(BPT) - Summer may be winding down, but there are still plenty of entertaining occasions like end of summer barbecues to plan for. Instead of focusing on several sides to accompany your barbecue favorites, consider offering your guests an array of seasonal appetizers to complement your main course.... More >>

4 ways to bring order to another school year
(BPT) - It’s that time of year again; time for class projects and quizzes, field trips and friends, recesses and recitals. Yes it’s time for another school year and for parents, that can mean a little bit more stress as well. If the last school year left you feeling more like a survivor... More >>

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