Caregiver support group meetings held in Kiel

Being a caregiver can be one of the most taxing experiences an individual can go through.

Caregiving can be physically and emotionally tiring, and is usually added to the already visible stressors of life. When becoming a caregiver, lifestyle changes may be needed including moving in with a loved one or spending a lot of time at their home (and away from one’s own home). Financial difficulties might also arise if a caregiver takes time off work to care for their loved one, which can add additional stress.

To aid in supporting caregivers, Affi nity hosts weekly caregiver support groups throughout the region. All groups are open to the public, and can help caregivers vent frustrations, celebrate accomplishments, and learn about preventing burnout.

Caregivers of all ages are welcome to drop in for any of the free support groups, including one held every Friday from 2:30 to 4 p. m. at Stoelting House, 319 Indian Hill, Kiel.

There is no fee, and no registration is required. For more information please contact Melissa Klebs, Affinity Visiting Nurses, at (866) 236-8500.