for activities of daily living.

outpatient basis. This convenience

their rehabilitation, and return for

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developmental disability. The focus is

day-to-day activities such as eating

dressing, or household tasks such

cooking and laundry. Occupational

therapy can:

¦ help people manage vision challenges;

¦ decrease or resolve incontinence problems;

¦ increase hand strength; ¦ reduce joint pain and stiffness. ¦ train people with adaptive equipment to help make life a little easier.

Speech-language pathology helps people who may have difficulty with chewing, swallowing, or communicating. Therapies are provided to treat communication disorders, such as aphasia, dysphagia, and voice control, as well as challenges related to memory loss and dementia. Speech therapy can:

¦ increase a person’s ability to make themself understood;

¦ increase their ability to understand others in social conversation;

¦ develop strategies to improve memory

Homestead Care Center’s therapy services are available on an inpatient

allows a person to return home following

outpatient treatment to assist on the path