Bella’s services are no secret after all
By Mike Mathes
From T-shirts to polos to trophies, plaques and specialty items, Bella’s Custom Design can put the message of any business or organization on it.

Sometimes the best services and products in a community are also its best kept secrets.

For Randy and Dawn Bella, it’s a fairly common thing to hear a client say, “I didn’t know you did that....” That’s sometimes hard to hear for a company that specializes in getting their customers known.

But, it just emphasizes to the Bella’s how vital it is to continually promote their products and services—just as it is for their customers.

Many people already know Bella’s Custom Design as a regional vendor for specialty printed and embroidered garments. But the company has several other products and services on its resume.

Wide ranging products

Bella’s Custom Design focuses on producing quality products and designs for its clientele in the following areas—

n Screen printing n Embroidery

n Awards, trophies n Promotional items

Each of those areas represents a Bella’s specialty service, as outlined below.

“It’s important for us to remind people of all of our capabilities,” Dawn Bella said.

Screen printing

Screen printing is what Bella’s considers their “wheelhouse” skill set. “It’s where we are at our best. It’s what we have been most known for over the years,” Randy Bella said.

Screen printing can run anywhere from single-color to full-color printing.

Items most commonly screen printed by Bella’s include T-shirts and sweatshirts. Designs can include your business logo or specialty event design. Bella’s Custom Design will also work with customers to create a unique design for their special needs.

“We will come up with a plan that will fit whatever you are looking for,” Randy Bella said. “We continue to tweak the design until the client is ready and happy.

Recent twists in screen printing include specialty foils, glitters and distressed looks. Bella’s Custom Design has also done “all-over’ prints, which apply design to an entire garment.

Screen printing requires a 12-piece minimum for simple designs and a 24-piece minimum for multiple color work.


Bella’s Custom Design can work with smaller quantities on embroidery.

Embroidery can include cording, 3-D embroidery and distress work.

“The thing today seems to be making people’s garments with a retail look,” Dawn Bella said. “We can work to make them look like the name brands as well as the trendy fashions.”

Embroidery gives garments a professional finish, with multiple colored designs available.

Bella’s Custom Design has always offered a wide array of garments for its finished products. Garments in that array include jackets, polo shirts, sweatshirts, oxfords, golf shirts, turtle necks, hats, beanies and other items.

New brands added to the roster this year, put an emphasis on some quality names, including Callaway golf, Ogio, Nike and Adidas.

Dri-Duck brand garments are available with their tradtional earthy, outdoor feel.

Russell Athletic is also a significant garment producer used by Bella’s Custom Design. “At one time, they were heavily into school team garments. Now they are widely available,” Bella said.

Performance apparel has also been popular among garment lines. At Bella’s the emergence of New Balance as a garment producer has also been a significant benefit.

Awards, trophies

Bella’s Custom Design continues to produce quality awards ranging from trophies to bronze plaques.

All types of media are utilized to keep awards unique.

Bella’s also fabricates awards from wood, acrylics, crystal and other materials. Awards are available for corporate, teams and individual customers alike.

One of Bella’s most unique projects is a 24-foot custom records board mounted on an area high school wall making it quite a showcase piece.

Bella’s Custom Design also offers a virtually limitless list of promotional items. “If it’s imprinted, we can do it,” Randy Bella said.

The imprinted items may include things like pens, mugs, mouse pads and much more.

Full color processes are available with most items.

Recently, Bella’s Custom Design has added the ability to provide trade show materials as part of its promotional item business.

Those items might include backdrops, tablecloths, banners, teardropsflags and other high impact visibility items.

“We like to visit with our corporate customers and determin their needs. The items are amazingly affordable and customizable” he said.

Just a call away

“We are still a regional company, as we have always been,” Randy Bella said. “We serve our main business and retail clientele from Sheboygan County to Green Bay, and some clients west of Lake Winnebago as well.”

The amazing thing is that all of these services are just one toll-free phone call away at any time.

Bella’s Custom Design can be reached by calling 1-888-954-2555, which serves as a local call for every customer. Many orders can be handled via telephone, or through the Bella’s Custom Design website—

Customers have the added convenience of having their products drop-shipped or delivered to their doorstep.

“It’s a great convenience to all of our clients. We essentially have a storefront at the fingertips of every one of our customers,” Bella noted.