screen radio.

The Traverse, however, was really redesigned from the rubber to the roof, as Chevrolet states, and offers class-leading maximum cargo space. Add to all that a new Silverado half ton coming in 2013 and a redesigned Corvette and it is easy to see why this will be an exciting year at Vogel Chevrolet.

In talking about technology and the 2013 offerings at Vogel Chevrolet, Johnson mentioned something many people probably do not know. The OnStar service available in most vehicles over the last decade can be contracted on a month to month basis. Anyone going on a trip who might like the support provided by OnStar—including navigation and roadside assistance—can pay for just one month of OnStar if they wish.

Safety improvements, too

Improvements in new vehicles go well beyond convenience features. Safety continues to be first, with new collision avoidance systems offering forward alerts and lane departure alerts. Johnson said on some new vehicles if the driver has cruise control on and is gaining on a vehicle in front of him or her, an alert will sound.

StabiliTrak is a feature which has been around for a few years now but is becoming more standard. The electronic stability system helps prevent a vehicle’s back end from fishtailing in slippery conditions.

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All these features are available at Vogel Chevrolet in Kiel, an uncommon dealership in that Johnson provides “a no-pressure atmosphere. We make sure you get the vehicle you want. I do a lot of ordering. Chevrolet has gotten quicker in the time you get your vehicle. The delivery time has gotten much more consistent throughout the year.”

Vogel Chevrolet also offers an inventory of used vehicles, many of them local trades from people who upgraded to a new or different used vehicle at Vogel.

Whether or not a person has bought a new or used vehicle from Vogel Chevrolet, they can still benefit from the veteran service staff which repairs all makes and models of vehicles in its modern shop. The Service Department will pick up vehicles in need of repair or give people rides at no charge to their home or workplace while their vehicle is being repaired. Vogel Chevrolet also does towing service and added a flatbed truck a few years ago.

In a separate building on the Vogel Chevrolet property is the state-of-the-art body shop which also fixes everything from deer collisions to the occasional complete restoration.

“2012 was a good year,” Johnson said of Vogel Chevrolet. “We’ve seen steady growth over the last five years.”

And with what is coming in 2013, there is no reason to believe that trend will change.