Readers subscribe to digital edition of News

In the age of “green,” even the traditional media are looking for ways to stay connected to their readers while finding alternative methods of delivery.

The Tri-County News and its founding community papers have been a community information source of choice dating back to 1893.

Today the regional newspaper that combines the former Kiel Tri-County Record, New Holstein Reporter and Chilton Spirit continues to serve its core communities.

Readers still love to subscribe to their weekly community newspaper to get all the local news.

Cognizant of the changing techologies, Delta Publications has worked hard to provide an alternative solution to its print edition subscription.

“We realize that people want an alternative to receiving their paper on newsprint. We have also had to contend with the challenges inherent in the postal delivery system. People who want their newspaper delivered to distant locations often have to struggle with delayed or failed delivery,” News publisher Mike Mathes said.

Electronic edition

To that end, Delta Publications has created the News E-edition. The E-Edition is a PDF-based online method of receiving the weekly newspaper.

“It’s really a different and separate way to subscribe to the Tri-County News,” Mathes said.

“E-Edition subscribers sign on to the internet location. They pay a subscription fee, and receive a user name and password. After that, they can log in anytime, anywhere, as long as they have internet access. They can read and re-read any of the News editions for the past 90 days, including all special sections.”

Mathes said one of the best features of the E-Edition is the ability to search. “Readers can type in key words and get a sample listing of all articles, photos and ads that apply,” he said.

All pages are indexed, with an easy-to-browse listing of all page components. Stories can be magnified to make reading easier on aging eyes. “If people are like me, they can’t read the small type as well as they did when they were younger. It helps to be able to enlarge the type,” Mathes said.

Works on tablets

In addition to computer screens, the E-Edition also works well on tablets such as the iPad.

Mathes noted that readers should not confuse the E-Edition with Delta’s 24/7 news Web site,

“They are two totally different products. Iwantthenews is a general information site, with clips from the Tri-County News. The E-Edition is the complete Tri-County newspaper online,” he said.

Readers of the E-Edition can access the weekly paper online as early as Wednesday afternoons each week, regardless of where they live.

To subscribe to the digital edition, people simply need to go to the Web site and proceed to log in. The site for the E-Edition is

Delta Publications, Inc. still recognizes, however, that many people still enjoy holding newsprint in hand while they read their newspaper. A subscription to the weekly Tri-County News is just $35 in the area (slightly more for other parts of the state and beyond) and can be started by calling 894-2828.

There are features of the Tri-County News which readers only can get via the digital or hard copy versions of the News and not at,such as the very popular Moments in Time features which talks to area residents about their recollections of days gone by in the greater Tri-County News area. The popular weekly columns from Editor Mark Sherry and Mathes also can only be found via the complete versions of the News.

On the other hand,

brings readers breaking news often as it is still developing.