Bringing it home in 2013
Farm & Home caters to do-it-yourself opportunities
By Mike Mathes
Jean Rach and Deb Geiser show off the USA stickers that will be attached to all Farm & Home “Made in America” product selections. By indentifying the American made products, Farm & Home is keeping with its theme of Bringing it Home this year.

Chilton’s multi-purpose retail center is committed to a positive theme. For Farm & Home, the focus for this year is “Bringing It Home.”

Bringing it home will start with a focus on do-it-yourself projects. Throughout its wide array of departments, Farm & Home will be partnering with do-it-yourself customers to make success stories out of their projects.

The concept of “bringing it home” will also apply to an emphasis the American made products throughout the store, encouraging shoppers to strengthen US manufacturers with their purchasing habits.

One of the key ways Farm & Home will help customers improve their “do-it-yourself” skill sets is through education. Farm & Home plans to seize the opportunity to provide training and advice to guarantee projects succeed.

Throughout the year, Farm & Home will be offering mini-courses and training sessions to help do-it-yourselfers build their skill sets.

“We know that we need to be more available to our customers to help educate them and show them how to use the products that will help them with their home projects,” McKeen said.

In the area of home fix-ups, McKeen said that Farm & Home will try to offer simple little sessions on projects like fixing a toilet float or changing a light switch.

With a few simple tips, people can come here, find the right part and save themselves a lot of money by installing it themselves,” he said.

“And, once they have finished the project, they have a sense of pride in their accomplishment,” he said.

Some common projects

In the area of plumbing, toilet floats and dripping faucets are two of the most common repairs and each takes minimal time and effort.

From the Kritter Korner, one potential class will be the set up and care of aquariums. “With some simple advise and tips on setting up the aquarium, treating the water and selections of fish, people can enjoy an aquarium for many years,” he said. “If you are afraid of doing it wrong, you either won’t try it, or you’ll toss it in the closet to store it.”

In the lawn and garden area, McKeen envisions “make-and-take” classes where customers can sign up to learn how to build beautiful growing plant arrangements in pots.

The paint department will also offer educational opportunities to show the right types of paint applications, as well as the all-important prep work that needs to be done to insure a successful paint job.

“All of these ideas will build on the self-satisfaction that customers get by putting something together on their

Mike Mathes photo

own,” McKeen noted. “At the same time they save both time and money.”

Other seminars or mini-classes might be held in conjunction with the holidays, or something more traditional, like birdhouse building for the kids.

Wide variety of selections

As a Do-It-Best center, Farm & Home has complete access to the 67,000 plus items featured in the catalog or online.

While the multi-faceted retail center on Chilton’s north side doesn’t have all 67,000 items, Farm and Home can serve as a purchase and delivery point for those items.

Consumers can simply use the Do-It-Best website at www.doitbest.comto order anything in the company’s inventory.

“Anything in their catalog or on the website, can be ordered and shipped here for our customers,” Kim McKeen, Farm & Home manager said.

Farm & Home takes deliveries from Do-It-Best twice a week, so an order can literally make it to the store in a 24-hour cycle.

“If you put all these offerings together, it makes our store a great source for anything you want or need to do within your home,” McKeen said.

Plus, customers have the choice of browsing in the store, or making their selections on line for delivery to the Farm and Home location.

More offerings

At Farm & Home, the Do-It-Best line is one of several “stores within a store.”

Thousands of additional selections are available through the Radio Shack and US Cellular outlet, the Daily Dollar Department, Kritter Korner, Custom Framing and the U-Haul and rental department.

Farm & Home has always had a tie in

to the Do-It-Best Web site, but now the Chilton retailer has its own site at

Visitors can locate web-only coupons by visiting that site. These coupons offer the best deals possible at Farm & Home—deals that won’t be found anywhere else.

Starting in mid-February, Farm & Home is calling special attention to all of its product lines manufactured in the United States.

Although no retail store can survive without having some imported merchandise, Farm & Home has begun a special program to highlight products made here in America.

Adhesive stickers bearing the US flag are being placed throughout the store calling attention to the products manufactured in this country.

The aim is simple—to help customers identify domestic products. “If the end cost of the product is virtually similar, this helps the customer decide who will get the business,” McKeen said.

McKeen said that Do-It -Best has ben a strong supporter of Bringing it Home.

“We are excited to help support US manufacturers and educate our customers at the same time. When we support American manufacturers it helps everyone.”