Chilton Furniture touts USA labels
By Mike Mathes
Chilton Furniture’s showroom, one of the most elegant in the area, shows off a wide selection of Americanmade products. At right a Vaughn-Bassett gallery touts the USA label. Below, the La-Z-Boy gallery is filled with chairs made in this country.

Made in America—is a slogan that makes sense for Chilton Furniture.

While others may give lip service to such slogans, it’s one that Chilton Furniture will be living up to in 2103.

Chilton Furniture has always been a proponent of American made products, but few people may realize the depth of American-made inventory that graces its showroom.

Throughout the Chilton Furniture showroom, the American made labels are present. What’s more, they don’t have to coincide with the most expensive items.

Chilton Furniture’s focus on American-made home furnishings products reflects a popular trend nationally. More retailers are starting to see manufacturers and shoppers alike turn their attention to things made right here in the USA.

Takes the right mind set

Sometimes all it takes is the right mind set to get on board the Buy American tradition.

At Chilton Furniture, staff members recently conducted a walk-through making a list of the products made within our own borders. They discovered a reassuring fact. The furniture, Floorcovering and window treatments offered at Chilton Furniture had a remarkable American connection.

“The lion’s share of our show room reflects choices that are made in America,” Chilton Furniture owner Jerry Mallmann said. “The items are competitively priced and the quality is there.

Retailers and consumers alike are able to internalize a patriotic sense of pride when they can display tags that say things are made right here in the US.

Misconceptions abound

With a glut of foreign products on the market, it’s easy for people to develop the misconceptions that one can’t find things made in America.

“We find a lot more people walking through the showroom and asking questions about where things are made,” Mallmann noted. “They want to buy something that’s American made.

At Chilton Furniture, a large banner hangs over the Vaughn-Bassett bedroom displays. Vaughn-Bassett has been a midrange mainstay in the Chilton Furniture inventory for years.

La-Z-Boy, the popular line of recliners, are all made in America, although they may import some of their parts.

Other Made-in-the-USA manufacturers represented in the show room include Smith Brothers out of Berne, IN, Marshfield Furniture from Wisconsin and A. A. Laun Furniture, located in Kiel.

Some of the unique selections of the showroom floor come from a pair of Amish companies, Winesburg and Yutze, providing endless customization options in both Bedroom and Dining Rooms. Both companies are based out of a region in Ohio known for its Amish Craftsmanship. Mobel Furniture, based out of Indiana, is another Casegoods (bedroom) manufacturer that rivals the quality of its Amish counterparts.

Floorcovering mostly domestic

Floorcovering, including Carpet, Vinyl Tile, and Hardwood, almost all reflect the American made traditions.

Over 90% of the flooring materials sold and installed by Chilton Furniture come from US factories.

Most everything recommended to Chilton Furniture customers seeking Floorcovering is a USA-made product.

Some of the brand names include Shaw Carpeting Mannington mills hard surfaces and Anderson Hardwoods.

Touting the difference

Beyond the wide selection of American made Home Furnishings, Chilton Furniture likes to tout what they call “The Chilton Furniture Difference!”

Chilton Furniture’s classy, elegant showroom is second to none in its presentation of interior design concepts.

It is the type of store one would not expect to find in the relatively small town environment of Chilton, WI.

In fact, the unique showroom opportunity is one that many stores in large markets would be envious of.

Chilton Furniture takes its display presentation seriously, trying to offer its visitors a true design inspiring experiance.

A corner nook here, a bedroom display there, a fully furnished dining area, or a complete living room display—the classy layouts of this showroom provide the “fertile soil” for inspiring and cultivating great interior design ideas.

The whole intent is to allow people to dream a little bit about how they might transform some of these ideas into improvements in their own living spaces.

Creative assistance

Add to that a friendly, experienced staff of designers who patiently guide people in those dreams, and you’ve rounded out the “Chilton Furniture difference.”

Chilton Furniture’s design professionals view their role as one of consultation.

They like to help at whatever level is comfortable to the customer. That can range from a customer who wants full independence in their search, to those who need hours and perhaps even home visits to solidify their home furnishing dreams.

Either way, the Chilton Furniture staff works out of respect for those differences.

It’s a service available to every single customer who ventures into the Chilton Furniture showroom.

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