Baycom helps sort out complicated phones
By Mary Matsumoto
Sheena Lampereur (left) and Kristine Pershing stand in the Baycom store behind some of the different cell phones available to customers.

Back before cell phone technology, making a call was all anyone expected a telephone to do.

Operating the device was a simple matter of memorizing a few numbers and pushing buttons on a key pad. But with the advent of today’s technology, that era is long gone.

Today’s phones can do anything from taking pictures, accessing e-mail and texting, to navigation, accessing the web, sending weather alerts and much, much more. Yet, with all the wonders of technology comes the problem of learning how to use these handheld marvels. After all, of what benefit is sophisticated equipment without the ability to use it?

Baycom Cellular, representing Cellcom, located in Southside Shopping Center in Chilton, has solved that problem. Although they have a wide selection of products, including the latest in cell phones, smartphones and tablets from Motorola, Samsung, HTC, Apple and LG Electronics, they aren’t just there to sell products. As a local agent, they are also there to teach their customers how to use these devices. They offer to listen to any concerns or problems and work with individuals until they are comfortable using their phones.

“We have expert knowledge and experience in dealing with these devices,” said Sam Colucci, retail sales manager.

That’s because dealing with these devices is what they do, and taking time to share this expertise is why they are there.

Yet, there’s one more element to the equation. Baycom takes a personal interest in the community it serves outside store hours as well.

“We’re active in the community,” said Sam. “We’re members of the Chamber of Commerce, and we donate to the Chamber scholarship program.”

A wide selection of products, willingness to share their expertise and a personal interest in each and every person who walks through the door are ways Baycom proves they are there to serve the community.

But why choose Cellcom as a service provider?

For one thing, Cellcom is a local northeast Wisconsin company, headquartered in De Pere. It is a family-owned business that is aware of the problems local folks have living or traveling in rural settings. Cellcom isn’t just there to assure good reception in populated communities but wants their customers to be confident they will have coverage while staying in their cottages out in “the boonies,” places on which national providers don’t focus.

In addition to that, however, Cellcom has partnered with service providers throughout the U. S. to give competitive nationwide 4G coverage as well. And with Baycom physically present at its store in Chilton, local people don’t have to travel far to talk to a knowledgeable, friendly staff who will help them find a plan customized to fit their individual needs, as well as being there to answer questions that might pop up later on.

Baycom has been a leading provider of wireless voice, data and video solutions for over 56 years, way before the appearance of cell phones. Short for Bay Communications, the company began as a source of wireless communication for public safety and law enforcement. They partnered with Cellcom in 1988 and started at their corporate office in Green Bay. In 1990 they opened a store in Marinette and another in Neenah in 2000, followed by a second location in Green Bay in 2007. Then, in 2012, the company opened the Chilton store, bringing Cellcom into the backyard of the community and surrounding areas.

“More than anything,” said Sam, “we take pride in our customer service.”

Learning to use cell phones that have become more and more complicated as technology advances may have been a problem in the past, but with the arrival of Baycom in Chilton, that problem, at least, can be put to rest.