Vehicles fuel growth at Chilton’s M-B
By Mark Sherry
M-B Companies, Inc. employees are now assembling vehicles from tip to tail at their Chilton factory.

M-B Companies, Inc. has made a great name for itself in the airport snow removal business, a reputation built on the bristles of the quality brushes and other equipment it has produced for many years.

About a year and a half ago, as part of a growth strategy, M-B Companies, Inc. decided to expand its business by producing its own airport snow removal vehicles.

The decision to add vehicles to an established equipment line has proven to be highly successful; however, the rewards have not come without challenges. “The complexity of our product has changed exponentially,” said Steve Karlin, senior vice president and general manager of the Airport Snow Removal Products Division.

Through the efforts of an excellent engineering staff as well as an adaptable and highly skilled work force, M-B is on a path to long-term success in building heavy duty vehicles.

This winter tests vehicles

Karlin said M-B’s new vehicles were not tested anywhere near their limit by the winter of 2011-’12, but this past winter— which was still hanging on in many

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