AFR drivers paint picture of dedication
By Mike Mathes
American Finishing Resources truck drivers are key members of the company. In the left hand photo is Chad Dombrowski (1 year of service).
The middle picture (from left to right) includes Jim Okcugil (1 year), Brett Hedtke (7 years), Mark Propson (27 years), and Don Geiser (21 years). In
the right hand photo is Justin Gaedke (3 years). The photo below includes Dave Buechel (16 years) and Eldred Buechel (15 years).

To casual observers, the guys behind the wheel of the trucking fleet might seem like forgotten employees, but to American Finishing Resources, those drivers are the unsung heroes. They are literally the face of the company with AFR’s customer base.

Every day, in the quiet of night, they slip off onto the highways and byways of the upper Midwest.

The drivers play a vital role in the success of AFR in the coatings removal industry.

From their home base at American Finishing Resources in Chilton (and two other locations), a dedicated group of truck drivers departs on their appointment rounds racking up another round of their 800,000 annual miles to deliver and pick up product.

With nine semi-trailer trucks on the road, AFR’s trucking crew provides the lifeline of service to AFR customers. They haul cleaned fixtures and parts to customers to keep their product lines moving. For the return trip, they pick up the next batch for cleaning by AFR’s in house employees.

Great representatives

No one represents American Finishing Resources to its customers better than the truck driving crew.

“Our drivers are the face of AFR to our customers,” Controller Doug Pietrowski said. “We provide door-to-door service to our customers, and we couldn’t do it without them.”

Angela Kremer, AFR transportation

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