Suttner Accounting continues to grow
By Mike Mathes
Joe Suttner
Bill Suttner
Mike Bruflat
Eric Freund

The year 2013 marks another year of expansion and growth for Chilton-based Suttner Accounting.

Bolstered by the addition of a fourth partner, the firm has also acquired a pair of Oshkosh area offices to expand the level of services to yet another portion of the northeastern Wisconsin market.

Actually, Suttner Accounting completed the addition of a fourth partner at year’s end. Joe Suttner was joined in partnership by Bill Suttner and Mike Bruflat last January 1. Eric Freund came on board as the fourth partner on December 31.

“All three have been big contributors for Suttner Accounting,” President Joe Suttner said. “They have been instrumental in the growth of the company and each of these partners has been managing multiple account relationships.”

Staff commitment key

One of the major keys to the growth of Suttner Accounting is the commitment of staff. “Our staff has been so committed to our clients for both quality work and turnaround time. And, we have a lot of longevity on our staff,” Suttner said.

Ron Bornemann just completed his 50th tax season with Suttner Accounting. Judy Sommerhalder is in her 47th year.

“It’s pretty remarkable,” Suttner said. “We have several people who have been with the firm between 30 and 40 years. We have a tremendous amount of continuity within our staff and our clients appreciate that. They like the trusted relationships and they become acclimated to a certain person’s style. The continuity is so important in our business.”

Suttner Accounting has long enjoyed a major presence in northeastern Wisconsin. With its corporate headquarters based in Chilton, the accounting firm also continues to operate offices in Sheboygan and Fond du Lac.

This year, Suttner Accounting acquired a pair of Oshkosh CPA firms— Tom Rothe Accounting and Norm Packer Accounting. The acquisition gives Suttner four CPA’s and 10 full-time employees and three part-timers in the Oshkosh market. The firm is currently searching for a location solution that will merge the two offices.

Serving individuals, businesses

Suttner Accounting provides professional tax and accounting services for individuals and businesses alike.

“We have always had a focus on individual tax returns, but our business sector is growing all the time,” Suttner commented.

Suttner Accounting enjoys working with businesses to improve their profitability and assist them with tax planning, compliances and accounting services.

“At Suttner Accounting, we like to absorb all the information we can about a business client, as if we were going to invest or become a partner in that business. When we view things as if we have a financial stake in a client’s business, it’s easier to help find ways to drive the bottom line,” Suttner commented.

Other services offered by Suttner Accounting include payroll, bookkeeping and accounting reviews.

“We like to condense things down for our business clients allowing them to focus on what they do best which is managing and running their company,” he added.

Suttner Accounting offers an opportunity for any business manager or owner to bring in financial statements or tax returns for a “second opinion” review.

It’s just a matter of making a call and setting up an appointment.

Partnering with professionals

Suttner Accounting is also a huge believer in partnering with other community professionals.

Keeping connected with attorneys, bankers and financial advisors is a vital means of expanding customer service.

“We want to make sure all bases are covered and we believe in having access to the best possible talent to ensure success for our clients,” Suttner said.

Growth opportunity

At the same time, Suttner Accounting is looking to expand its professional staff at its Chilton headquarters.

From a community standpoint, this means a golden opportunity for up to two experienced professionals.

“We are seeking to hire the right people with professional public accounting and tax experience. We have some phenomenal opportunities here, but you have to be an A player. If you have what it takes, this can be a rewarding profession,” Suttner said.

Other opportunities throughout the firm include a position in Sheboygan for an experienced QuickBooks bookkeeper and a tax manager in the Oshkosh office.

Tribute to staff, customers

Suttner said he couldn’t be more grateful to his staff for its tremendous dedication to the company and its clients. “They take great pride in providing the service they do for our clients,” he said.

“I would also like to thank our clients and all those who refer business to us for the confidence they have placed in us and the job we do.”

Firm’s history

Suttner Accounting was founded in 1961 by Joe and Bill’s father John Suttner.

Joe returned to Chilton to join the business in 1989, then purchased the firm outright in 2000.

Suttner Accounting moved to is current southside Chilton location on Highway 57 in 1999.

To contact Suttner Accounting’s corporate headquarters call 920-849-9346.

Check out their website at