Tea for two...and many more
Terra Verde boosts multiple benefits of ancient drink
By Mark Sherry
Marko and Melissa Sosa of Terra Verde in Chilton are seeing more and more people join them in appreciating a good cup of tea. Terra Verde currently offers 28 different flavors of tea.

Tea at Terra Verde in Chilton is not just good, and it’s not just doubly good—it’s triply good.

You might want to ponder over whether or not “triply” is really a word while enjoying a cup of tea at Terra Verde, located in the Northside Shopping Center at 507 N. Madison St.

And as you sip your tea and enjoy the good taste while acknowledging the health benefits of tea and realizing that Terra Verde’s teas are (or soon will be) entirely organic, you will understand that “triply good” is indeed a phrase which applies to the tea at Terra Verde.

Owners Marko and Melissa Sosa have long been known for their coffees and goodies for any meal of the day, but they are now putting a strong emphasis on their teas—and both veteran and rookie tea drinkers are noticing.

Melissa said she still likes a cup of coffee in the morning, but after that she enjoys her green tea. Marko said he is still a coffee guy, but added, “At night I do enjoy a good cup of tea.” Keemun is his favorite, and he describes it as rich and fruity.

A year ago, tea accounted for less than 1 percent of Terra Verde’s business. Now it is up to 10 percent and rising rapidly.

“Our wholesale section is really growing,” Melissa said. “Coffee shops really

Mark Sherry photo

want tea.” Coffeehouses and organic grocery stores from the northwoods of Wisconsin to Redwing, Minn. are also carrying Terra Verde teas.

Melissa said Terra Verde does not process any of its teas in Chilton, but she and Marko have worked hard to become tea experts in order to make wise choices in purchasing what local and regional tea drinkers want. And like they did previously with their coffees, the Sosas have made the decision to go entirely organic with their teas by the end of this summer.

“Tea is very volatile,” Melissa explained. “It’s a leaf. When chemicals of any kind hit that leaf, it does major damage to the flavor of that tea.” Even though Terra Verde’s conversion to organic tea is not complete, Melissa said they are already hearing from customers the same things they heard when they started serving organic cof-

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