New Hope

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and one apartment building in Calumet County. NHC’s residential services also include Supported Home Care. That care is a flexible and economical way to assist people who want to live on their own as long as possible. This service provides screened and trained personnel to assist individuals with whatever help they need. Services can range from a one-time event, to regularly scheduled 24-hour services including: feeding, assistance with ambulation, toileting, home care and cleaning, meal preparation, shopping, companionship, daily living activities, laundry and chore services as just a few examples.

Independence is key

The root of the New Hope Center philosophy lies in the quest for independence for its clients.

Logemann said that about 79 percent the funding for NHC comes from various forms of government programs. He fears that pressure from larger and stronger political groups turning toward government for help may cloud the waters on what he views has been “an investment in a mission proving the value and contribution of every human being”.

“We are constantly looking at ways to leverage awareness of our needs,” Logemann said. Private support will become more critical in the future. “We need to keep these opportunities for employment and growth available to people with developmental and physical disabilities. Independence is the best path. Otherwise we are going to be rolling back the clock 50 years, when people with disabilities were subject to medical and or penal models of care.”

“It’s our goal to help them to greater independence and freedom,” he said.

No geographic boundaries

Clients served by the New Hope Center are not restricted to any geographic boundary, although most hail from the Calumet County area. “In other, more populated areas, you see separate organizations doing what we do under one umbrella,” Logemann said. “We do it all.”

New Hope Center is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) agency with a mission to serve individuals with disabilities. Serving more than 175 individuals annually, families have come to trust New Hope Center and it’s commitment to help support, enrich, and empower lives they serve.