Management and miscellaneous services are also offered including business start-up assistance, financial statement analysis, and business sale and acquisition assistance. “Sometimes small businesses and individuals have financial questions but aren’t sure where to turn,” Reinl said. “Ask us—we are able to handle a variety of unique situations, from the establishment of retirement plans for businesses to developing strategies to minimize estate and inheritance taxes for individuals and everything in between.”

Reinl himself is making use of some

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of those services these days as he begins to develop a business succession plan which initially will include taking on a new partner.

In addition to the services previously listed, Reinl is licensed to sell life and health insurance and to arrange investments, as is another member of his team. It is all part of being a full-service firm. “We’ve got work throughout the year,” he said, adding that they try to do more payroll services for businesses because that often creates ties which lead to the need for additional services.

Reinl said he expects his employees to like their jobs because that is reflected in how they treat their clients. And clients must be getting treated well as they often continue to have their taxes or other accounting services done by Reinl Accounting even if they move out of the area. Through those relationships and the magic of technology, Reinl said his firm has probably done tax returns for residents of every state in the nation.

The one thing people will not hear coming out of Reinl Accounting is anyone else’s personal financial information. “We do not talk out of school,” he said. “It does not come out of this office.”

What does come out of the office is “straightforward information that allows our clients the power to make informed decisions with our support and guidance.”

Reinl said it all boils down to dealing with people and dealing with life, two things he said he has learned how to do in his almost 40 years as an accountant.

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