Signs point to good fella cutting inside
By Gina Kabat
Gina Kabat photo
Just a couple of Goodfellas. Russ and his father Dean Horneck spend time putting the barbershop to good use. Naming his business took shape naturally. “Many people tell me what type of cut they want, and it usually ends with you know, a good fella cut.” The phrase just stuck with him in the back of his mind. He figured one day that would be a great name for his business. Goodfellas offers tapers, fades, flattops, faux-hawks and hair cutting techniques and styles for all ages.

It’s not just his antique chair that is turning heads. Apparently, Goodfellas barbershop in Kiel is turning a few more coifs than expected.

A few years ago when Russ Horneck began preliminary planning of operating his own business, he struck up a conversation with his client. Just so happened the client purchased a home with an old 1964 Paidar brand named barber chair. “I loved the history of the chair and we kept on talking about it,” Russ added. “The man said ‘get yourself a couple of strong guys and it’s yours free,’ so I did.”

Russ sought the help of his dad Dean and his son Justin to retrieve and refurbish the barber chair. “That must have weighed nearly 200 pounds,” Dean recalled. Together, with a little elbow grease, muscle and maneuvering, the chair had a new home.

With his chair in place properly seated in front of his station, patrons quickly comment on the goldenrod colored relic. Never mind the token ashtray cleverly manufactured within the right armrest. Although it goes unused now, its appearance is suggestive of its history and use. Now at Goodfellas the only thing with an amber glow lit up from time to time in this barbershop is the “Open Chair, No Waiting” sign.

Gets people to stop

Prominently displayed in the front window, this sign has attracted many passersby along Fremont Street. Russ enjoys the conversations that start from something as unique as his barbering chair, signs and spiraling barbering pole. People like to see businesses like his in Kiel, many people have told him. Russ always enjoys a good visit and conversations between his clients.

He caters to his clientele. Available during the visit are complimentary beverages of soda and bottled water. Russ likes his customers to feel comfortable while getting a haircut. “There are games and puzzles for the kids to do here too so dad or mom can get a chance to relax.” Goodfellas also offers an honor-based DVD and book library selection for patrons to peruse. It’s little things like these Russ feels offer additional connections with people and relationship building. Enjoy favorite music while you visit as well. His extensive music selections can take patrons all the way back to the days when smoking was allowed inside a barber shop.

“Business has been very good and well above where I thought I would be just a few months in,” Russ stated. For Russ, it comes down to simplicity, authenticity and customer appreciation every single day. “Customers are accustomed to a good haircut, what they don’t expect is the added attention.” Since opening day last September, Russ continues to cut out a name for himself and his business

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