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has been the busiest year by far, since the clinic was purchased by me in 2009,” Dr. Giebler said. “Most of the growth is referral based. Thinking that we can help is spread by word of mouth through family, friends and co-workers.”

Treatment depends on what the patient is seeking. “Whatever the patient wants I want to be able to offer that. It may be as simple as relieving a headache or some stiffness in the back. The patient may want things loosened up...a quick fix. But a lot of patients end up here because they are sick and tired of being sick and tired”, Dr. Giebler says.

Giebler Chiropractic takes a broad treatment approach, engaging the patient in exercise, rehab work and proper nutrition, all necessary toward the goal of healing muscles, joints and nerves.

Dr. Giebler tries to follow up with the patient, and make sure the patient is doing the exercises prescribed and how often each day. “I can often tell if they are doing the assigned exercises. I can tell if there is improvement by their range of motion, muscle tension, pain levels.”

Monthly nutrition classes are offered by Dr. Giebler. He says a food log is not as important to him. He would rather see the grocery receipt, knowing on what they spend their money.

Vitamins & nutrients vs. calories

Whereas portions are important he takes a nutritional approach. I don’t worry about calories as much. If you are eating the food you should be eating, those foods tend to be less dense in calories and denser in vitamins and nutrients. The food that gets us in trouble is the low nutrient, high calorie density foods as processed foods, refined grains and artificial flavorings — jamming lots of calories in not a lot of food.

Dr. Giebler said stress is a big factor that brings about muscle aches, tension and pain. He named three kinds of stress — physical, chemical and emotional. The big one is emotional stress in which your body listens to your mind. You can think yourself healthy or sick. Physical symptoms can arise from emotional stress. Some patients just need to talk or vent about something that is not going right. Sometimes being referred to a therapist, social worker, psychologist, or psychiatrist is the right path.

In the course of time new therapeutic modalities have been added to the clinic. Electric muscle stimulation, ultra-sound, infrared light, digital x-ray and electronic health records are some of the technologies used.

Dr. Giebler assures that if a patient needs to get in an appointment can be made within a day or two even if it means that Dr. Giebler comes in early or stays late or meets the patient over the lunch hour.

Dr. Giebler said his workload has continued to increase, and plans are underway to bring aboard an assistant chiropractor on a full time basis. That will take place sometime in the mid-year.

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