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By Stephen Groessel
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The friendly staff at Giebler Chiropractic, Kiel, consists of Dr. Nic Giebler, Ellie Giebler, Kathy Willeford, Kim Olson and Jo Schultz.

Dr. Nic Giebler of Giebler Chiropractic in Kiel says treatments at his chiropractic office are designed to help restore one’s misaligned vertebrae back to a normal position, enhancing the body’s ability to heal itself naturally.

Chiropractic treatment for pain rests on the principle that healing will occur as a natural function of the body, and proper joint movement and alignment speeds up that process. Adjustments are a wonderful way to get everything back in balance.

Although chiropractors do wonderful things that allow the body to heal itself, patients should not think of themselves as simply passive recipients of this treatment.

Patients undergoing chiropractic care eventually come to understand that the treatment provided is not a one-way street...the doctor ‘fixing the body’ and the patient enjoying the benefits.

Dr. Giebler views his relationship with patients as a partnership in achieving good health and healing. Achieving a higher quality of life depends on the doctor and patient both doing their part.

As a chiropractor, Dr. Giebler knows that a patient’s overall health will be improved with proper nutrition, exercise and healthy lifestyles (habits). Patients have to take responsibility by embracing these practices ranging from good posture to making healthier food choices.

Good health is the patient’s responsibility. As important as a spinal adjustment is, the patient needs to make changes in his or her life. One of those important changes is to adopt preventive health approaches.

Dr. Giebler says by making healthier

diet choices, patients are able to reduce the chronic inflammation their body must deal with on a daily basis.

Your body can only heal itself with the nutrients provided to it through your diet. Because of this, Giebler Chiropractic has a strong focus in helping their patients understand how to make better diet choices, Dr. Giebler says.

A step toward achieving this end is holding nutrition talks on a monthly basis to which the public is invited. It is an opportunity for folks to learn more about the importance of making healthy food and supplement choices.

Growing number of clients

There has been a steady growth in the number of patients seen at Giebler Chiropractic this past year. “The year 2012

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