clients in mind. All decisions are made locally—not in another city or state.

Visit online Information Vault

Find out more about CSB’s products and services by stopping in at either office or make yourself comfortable at home or office and visit the Web site www.bankatcsb.com,anytime—day or night. Besides viewing a list of products, explore CSB’s “Information Vault.” Within the Information Vault is information on:

nFraud—Access links and data regarding fraud, identity theft, and steps to take if you become a victim. Another section is “Keep or Shred,” a quick reference for the retention period of important documents.

n “Tools and Resources” for credit reports, calculators, and credit card tips.

n “Lakeshore Cruisers” trip information.

n “Community Links” includes Web site links to local government, representatives

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and area schools.

Learning Links

Learning Links on CSB’s homepage is fun for both kids and kids at heart who want to excel in their financial knowledge. Link to Financial Football or Soccer and have fun while challenging your mind. Parents, encourage kids to test their skills while learning the importance of saving. Multiple games and financial skill tests are available for elementary through high school students. Adults can test their knowledge on identity theft, gain awareness about protecting their kids online, and securing their home computer. (All links leave Cleveland State Bank’s Web site and link to a non-affiliated third party site).

Cleveland State Bank is still the bank to choose for neighborly banking— whether you want traditional banking or require banking mobility. A recognizable, friendly staff is always waiting to assist you.