nurse practitioners to access patient records within the Affinity Health System and sometimes from Theda Care.

Kiel native returns home

Reszczynski grew up in Kiel and attended Ss. Peter & Paul parochial school and graduated from Kiel High School. She completed her undergraduate studies at Viterbo College, LaCrosse receiving a bachelor’s degree in nursing in 1989. She worked at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Milwaukee treating spinal cord injuries, did some home care and then joined the cardiac unit at St. Francis Hospital on Milwaukee’s south side.

She decided to return to school in 1999 (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) to earn a masters degree in science and nursing with certification as a nurse practitioner. Her first job as a nurse practitioner was in Plymouth.

Before coming to the Kiel clinic, Reszczynski worked at the Brillion location until it closed. Dr. Hetzner said it was a fortunate thing to have her come to Kiel because she offers another dimension to the office. “I am very excited about it and it is working out very well. She has more time to spend on patient education and counseling,” he said.

While the new electronic health records system means a lot to learn it

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has many advantages, said Dr. Hetzner. Data on patients is entered directly and digitally.

The electronic health system allows the patient to leave the office with a printout of what was done, what the lab tests show, what the health care plan is, and medications prescribed. The patient can access the provider via the Internet and doing that can request information from one’s chart, request an appointment, or ask the doctor a question.

Besides the learning process of the electronic data records system, one of the most important things for me in seeing patients is hearing their story and sharing with them a plan. This conversation could become lost with a mechanistic system. One still has to communicate with the patient and put it in understandable form. It will take time to do that but I think it will work well, said Dr. Hetzner.

An important component of that conversation with his patients is the opportunity to take a wholistic approach to health care, to talk about the patient’s whole life as it pertains to their health. In this approach, using my hands a bit more with patients is something they can sense, said Dr. Hetzner.

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