How strong is the backbone provided by New York Life? As a mutual company, New York Life increased its dividends paid to policy holders by $100 million last year, while many others were cutting theirs. A total of $1.33 billion dollars in dividends were announced.

“We are here to stay in good times and bad,” Olig said.

That’s important to policy holders, because a life insurance policy is something that will only be as good as the company backing it up 70, 80 or 90 years down the road.

Key assistant

One of the key players for Olig is his Executive Assistant, Katie Scheidt. Always appreciative of her ways with the customers, Olig only increased his appreciation recently when she was gone on maternity leave.

“Katie is the backbone of this organization. The clients love her and trust her. She is amazing and proactive in her role. I thank her every day for the things she does,” Olig said.

He is also appreciative of the role his landlords Jared and Sandy Roeck have played in providing him with a gem of an office space on Kiel’s Fremont Street.

Caring for others

One of the keys to being a solid financial planner is to be able to care about other people.

Nothing speaks louder about Olig’s

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concern for his friends, neighbors and community than his recent selection as Kiel’s Citizen of the Year by the Kiel Kiwanis Club.

“When Jim Ungrodt left me a message last fall that he wanted to visit about something, I assumed we’d be visiting about a client issue,” Olig said. “When he told me about the honor, I literally sat here in awe. There are so many people who do so much for our community. To think that I would even be considered, much less be chosen was something I never dreamed of.”

Yet, Olig’s record of community service is what prompted others to nominate him.

As a member of the Kiel Ambulance Service, he is proud to have worked with other volunteers to help shore up the future of that service. An 18-year veteran of the Kiel Ambulance Service, Olig also had 10 years prior experience with the Mt. Calvary Ambulance team. He also serves on the Kiel Fire Department.

At his parish, Ss. Peter and Paul, Olig recently served as parish president, but still maintains his role as a eucharistic minister and minister of hospitality.

He serves as president of the Board of Directors for the Kiel St. Vincent de Paul Store. “They are a great group of people, and it’s amazing the number of people we are able to help. The store provides a great community service and is near and dear to my heart,” Olig said.

This February, Olig completed a term as the president of the Kiel Area Association of Commerce. “We are moving in a good direction, and we have seen our average attendance go to 25 people at our monthly meetings.

Olig also enjoys teaching CPR classes at Fox Valley Technical College.

Olig also believes strongly in supporting youth activities in the community, including soccer, baseball, basketball and the like.

Serving others

Whether it’s his volunteerism, or his affection for the clients he helps, Olig’s true colors paint a picture of service.

Despite all of his obligations, Olig recently took time to spend a couple of hours with a client facing end of life issues.

“His favorite meal was always a Mc-Donalds hamburger. So, I took a couple of hamburgers and fries to his home. We talked for two hours. We laughed and we cried,” he said.

The best part, said Olig, was that the man knew that his family would be taken care of because of the planning we had done.

“He said to me repeatedly, ‘You need to make sure my wife is going to be okay,’ and it reinforced something I

truly believe.....that we sell a promise,

not a product.”

Through that promise, Olig and New York Life keep good going.