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great team’ Homestead Care Center resident Delores Wriedt visits with the new administrator of the facility,

Mark Sherry Andrew Goodman admits he did not know a lot about nursing homes before his last couple years

of college. He had done a little volunteer work in a nursing home butsaid, “ You only see so much as

a volunteer.” These days Goodman, 23, is the administrator of anursing home— Homestead Care Center inNew Holstein— but he has logged a lot more days in nursing homes in the last few years, including one memorable day when he was a resident

of one. Goodman began his duties as the new administrator at the Homestead last November, and he said he had a very favorable first impression upon seeing

thefacility. “ I thought it was really well kept up,” hesaid. “ I thought it was huge. It’s very spacious, very up to date. The residents all had smiles, staff looked happy, and it felt like a great team to

be joining.”

Appleton native The Appleton native and Appleton North High School graduate did not know he would be going into health care administration when he took off for the Universityof Wisconsin-Eau Claire. He began as a Pharmacy major but seemed to like business classes and said he stumbled upon Health CareAdministration. “ It turned out to be a great fit,”

he said. As is the case with students in that program at Eau Claire, his senior year was spent interning at a health care facility. He wound up ata 68-bed nursing home in River Falls, spending 50 weeks shadowing and working in everyimaginable department— nursing, housekeeping,

Administration, etc. The program even required students to become a resident fora 24-hour period. Goodman was under directions to act as though he had a stroke and he could not use the right side of his body. Hesaid, “ This gave me a brand new perspective. Partaking in the admission process, waiting for a call light, spending the night, appreciating the activities, eatingthe food— which as a stroke victim was on a pureed diet, which

wasn’t bad.” Goodman graduated last August and took a job as assistant administrator at Plymouth Care Center, which is owned byRice Management— the same company which owns Homestead Care Center. It was not long before Goodman learned the administrator’s position was opening up just up the road in

New Holstein. Classmates

in area In an interesting side note, three of Goodman’s classmates from Eau Claire are also new administrators at three other nursing homes in this area. He said health care administration is a booming field but admitted there is a lot of turnover, perhaps because of the stress which accompanies this highly government

regulated industry. Goodman said he thinks he has what it takes to handle the position and the challenges which go withit. “ I had an excellent upbringing. Growing up I was always involved in sports and other activities,” hesaid. “ This has really taught me how to deal with stressful situations ina fast-paced environment. And I’ve got a great

support group.” He can count the experienced staff at Homestead Care Center as part of his support team. With about 70 employees, Homestead Care Center is a top 10 employer in the city of New Holstein and those employees have a combined 600-plus years ofexperience. “ Everyone’s experience shines through. They are all great at what they do,”

Goodman said. The list of attributes of Homestead Care Center extends even beyond the facility and the staff already cited byGoodman. “ We’ve got a great group of residents,” hesaid. “ We’ve got plenty of private rooms... We’ve got a great Activity program and

volunteer group.” With only a few months under his belt at the Homestead, Goodman said he has not made any major changes yet but there are plans to renovate the first level of the facility and to upgrade

private rooms. Upgrades also are planned Sherry photo therapy area. Homestead Care Center contracts with Reliant Rehabilitation to provide physical, occupational and speech therapy on both an outpatient and inpatient basis on site. A separate entrance at the northeast corner of thebuilding ( adjacent to the east parking lot) allows entry into the therapy department. Goodman said he hopes to continue to promote more utilization of therapy services

by outpatients. To learn more about Homestead Care Centercall