Olig, NY Life help keep good going
By Mike Mathes
Todd Olig (center), New York Life agent and community volunteer, was honored by the Kiel Kiwanis Club as the Kiel Citizen of the Year for 2012. Presenting him with the honor last fall were Kiwanians Jim Ungrodt (left) and Bud Wieting.

New York Life agent Todd Olig really likes how the New York Life motto rings these days.

“Keep good going,” his company proclaims.

It sums up beautifully the consultative planning work he does with clients to help them care for their families.

Proper planning for retirement, long-term care and survivorship helps families assure that the good things put in place by family bread-winners can remain beyond retirement or an untimely loss of life.

“We see it all the time. If people lose a loved one, it’s hard enough to deal with that loss. It’s even more tragic when a surviving spouse or family also has to get uprooted from their home because the financial provider is no longer there,” he said.

Keeping Good Going simply means putting the right financial tools in place to assure that the family’s financial resources remain strong, even in the case of the unthinkable happening.

“We allow people to plan in such a way that they can insure the family’s income. We can allow them to be good providers even beyond their death by planning appropriately,” Olig added.

Start with the foundation

From Olig’s perspective, any good financial plan has to start with a foundation of a rock-solid life insurance plan. “You have to build the foundation first. It’s the key to your entire financial plan. Your life insurance planning upholds everything else that happens in your financial future,” he said.

Life insurance planning guarantees that a planner like Olig will be the one who walks in with a check at the time a family is grieving a death and facing mounting bills and payments.

Life insurance planning means that a surviving spouse may have the resources to take the allotted time for family leave to grieve a loss, instead of being forced back into a job because the bills have to be paid.

Peace of mind

It’s pretty tough to put a price tag on peace of mind, but Olig has a feel for that. “Peace of mind is worth a million dollars,” he said.

“It’s my job to help people look ahead and think of the future of their families,” Olig said. “People want that peace of mind to know that their spouse and families will be cared for in the event something happens to them.” On Valentine’s Day, he had the privilege of handing out a couple of life insurance policies with red bows. “What better gift can you give to someone than to tell them you have them insured for the rest of their lives?” he queried.

Proactive planning

Olig is a strong proponent of proactive planning. “The right kind of planning and preparation makes all the difference. It’s important for people to secure their future financial health before something happens and it’s too late,” he said.

Olig emphasized how critical it is to get this type of insurance in place before being backed into a precarious position by unusual testing results, or some other kind of disqualifying event.

“Our mission is to provide financial security and peace of mind through our insurance, annuity and investment products and services,” Olig said.

Part of that security comes from Olig’s association with New York Life and its strength in the financial marketplace. “I have never written life insurance with another company,” he said.

New York Life, said Olig, puts his clients in a position of financial strength.

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