Kiel Progress briefs 2013
Protect from loss before it’s too late

It happens every day and we are seldom prepared.

Protect the items most valuable in your life. A fire or storm can destroy our home or business, not only taking away our valuables but a lifetime of memories. Thieves can invade our lives in a split second. Protect your belongings from additional pain and grief by being prepared before any kind of loss occurs.

John Wallner of Lakeshore Inventory offers a service to record a home inventory from start to finish by recording and documenting all items, giving people complete peace of mind. Wallner is licensed, insured and bonded. The information received at the end of the process is professional and thorough.

Wallner said he is passionate about his service and is considered an expert in his field. Go to www.lakeshoreinventory.comfor a description of services provided and see the testimonials of happy customers who have used the service. Call (920) 889-0449 or e-mail