Bringing it home in 2013
Farm & Home caters to do-it-yourself opportunities
By Mike Mathes

Chilton’s multi-purpose retail center is committed to a positive theme. For Farm & Home, the focus for this year is “Bringing It Home.”

Bringing it home will start with a focus on do-it-yourself projects. Throughout its wide array of departments, Farm & Home will be partnering with do-it-yourself customers to make success stories out of their projects.

The concept of “bringing it home” will also apply to an emphasis the American made products throughout the store, encouraging shoppers to strengthen US manufacturers with their purchasing habits.

One of the key ways Farm & Home will help customers improve their “do-it-yourself” skill sets is through education. Farm & Home plans to seize the opportunity to provide training and advice to guarantee projects succeed.

Throughout the year, Farm & Home will be offering mini-courses and training sessions to help do-it-yourselfers build their skill sets.

“We know that we need to be more available to our customers to help educate them and show them how to use the products that will help them with their home projects,” McKeen said.

In the area of home fix-ups, McKeen said that Farm & Home will try to of-Jean Rach and Deb Geiser show off the USA stickers that will be attached to all Farm & Home “Made in America”

product selections. By identifying the American-made products, Farm & Home is keeping with its theme of Bring-Turn to home/page 23 A ing it Home this year.