Things are heating up at Lulloff’s
By Mike Mathes
A new woodburning display has been added to the heating display area at Lulloff Hardware. Joel and Rick Lulloff are expanding their display to give customers a better idea of the variety of heating options they have. At right, Rick Lulloff appears ready for a casting call in the next Rambo action/adventure movie. But, he’s really showing off a new device utilized in the paint department. A special rig allows the staff at Lulloff True Value Hardware to shake up a can of spray paint using an attachment on the end of a Sawzall. Previously, a spray paint can had to be shaken by hand.

Things are heating up at Lulloff Hardware, literally.

Long known for its pellet stove offerings, Kiel’s True Value Hardware store has turned things up a notch in its heating department.

New to the store this year is a wood burning stove display. Touting its freestanding wood stoves and fireplaces, Lulloff Hardware has created an expanded display area to show off those products.

“We have two live burns running all the time to allow customers to see our offerings,” Joel Lulloff said.

The whole display is part of a push to expand on all hearth and stove product lines at the store. Lulloff True Value Hardware hopes to expand soon to show off some of its gas-burning projects.

Complete service

When it comes to the wood burning lines, stove product offerings including freestanding stoves that can be used as a space heater, or an entire home heater via convection.

“The wood stoves allow home owners to take advantage of a fuel source they may have on their property, or one that is readily available,” Lulloff said. “They are also nice for peace of mind in case the electricity ever goes out.”

Customers who hook up with a new stove at Lulloff True Value Hardware do so knowing that installation and service comes as part of the deal. “We work

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