Use credit cards wisely

What would holiday shopping be without credit cards?

Using credit cards wisely can help you score some good deals, and offers a layer of consumer protection that cash and debit cards cannot. Still, if you get carried away with holiday spending, the season’s “Ho, ho, ho!” can turn into “Oh, oh, oh!” come January when the bills arrive.

When holiday shopping, it is important to find the right balance of when to use plastic and when not, and to understand your credit status before you give your cards a workout. Fortunately, some planning and precautions can help ensure you use credit wisely this holiday season.

Before you start using credit cards for holiday shopping, take a look at your credit score and report. Knowing your current credit status will help you better understand how much (or little) credit you can afford to use this season. When you enroll in a product such as,you are provided access to tools that can help you understand how your spending behaviors impact your credit score and report, while tracking both over time.

Once you understand your current credit status, next decided which purchases you will make with credit cards.

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