Technology featured in all-new Escape
By Mark Sherry

Everything is new about the 2013 Ford Escape, a vehicle which fits in the sport utility class but which looks, feels and serves just about any user.

Tommy Blagoue, sales manager at Mike Burkart Ford in Plymouth, said he has indeed seen over the years the Escape being purchased by a broad customer base—from families looking for a car for them and the kids, to business people, to outdoorsmen and more.

“They’re selling well,” Blagoue said of the 2013 versions, adding, “We’ve done well with the Escapes over the years.”

He said he sees a lot of Escape buyers looking for a vehicle with four-wheel drive capabilities but not necessarily a big truck or gas-guzzling SUV.

In fact, a key aspect of the 2013 Escape is that it has gone in the other direction when it comes to fuel efficiency. With the new 1.6L EcoBoost engine which is available, the Escape is the most fuel-efficient automatic in its class on the highway (33 mpg, 23 mpg in city). Its turbocharger is engineered for power and quick response, producing 178 hp and plenty of low-end torque for acceleration and passing.

Need even more power? The 2.0L EcoBoost which is available produces 240 hp yet still achieves 30 mpg highway and 22 mpg city.

Things like fuel efficiency, safety and durability are really what matters most in any vehicle, and the Ford Escape has all of that going for it. But what really catches the eye in the 2013 model is the extensive use of the latest and greatest technology inside and out.

Even before getting in the vehicle, check out the class-exclusive hands-free rear liftgate. How many times has someone had an armful of groceries or something else in their hands, only to have to set some down to open the liftgate? With the 2013 Ford Escape, simply wave your foot under the rear bumper

The 2013 Ford Escape

and the liftgate opens automatically. And don’t worry about a stranger getting in the vehicle that way—it only works if the key fob is in close proximity.

The technology only heats up once inside the vehicle. Turn the ignition and watch the MyFord Touch screen blink to life, almost reminiscent of something seen in a science fiction movie. There probably is more computing power in the dashboard of a Ford Escape than in the vehicle which first took man into space.

SYNC® with MyFord Touch will read incoming text messages out loud from a

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