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Buick Verano By Pam Biegler and
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Joe Mathes Here is the second test drive for Meyer Motors

in Plymouth. If you read the review of the Terrain you know that Janet Fonder of Meyer Motors in Plymouth asked us to do two test drives and we thought it would be great to give you a man and woman’s perspective on each. So here goes oursecond “ he said, she said”

test drive. 2013 Buick

Verano 1SD Joesaid, “ Verano sounds Italian but make no mistake about it this is a true blue American Buick, but it is still sexy. The Verano exterior styling is sleek with incredible lines and page a beautiful

waterfall grill.” Pamsaid, “ The signature ice blue lighting of the dashboard provides a pleasant, calming feeling 7 while enjoying the spaciousness of this vehicle. The seats are comfortable and provide great support. QuietTuning technology, exclusive to Buick, reduces unwanted noises from the road, wind and

other vehicles.” Joesaid, “ It gets better inside. We’ve all seen the commercials with Shaq sitting in a Buick and as a big guy I can vouch that Buick has done it right for the bigger person. Most of the time when I get in a vehicle I have to put the seat all the way back and sometimes recline into the back seat. I actually moved the Verano seat up. The cabin is spacious, well appointed

and quiet.” Pamsaid, “ The Verano feels likea well-designed car inside. It’s as comfortable as any car, anywhere.The fold-down back seats provide extra space to the already expansive trunk, making it possible to haul

almost anything.” Joesaid, “ GM’sstandard 2.4-liter, four-cylinder engine produces 180 hp and is more than adequate to propel the Verano down the road. The optional 2.0 liter EcotecTurbo generates an additional 70 hp and tons more torque and turns a stylish car into a

road rocket.” Pamsaid, “ The Verano has several standard safety features that give you confidence when driving this car. Thestandard rear-view camera makes it easy to see what’s behind you. The Rear Cross Traffic Alert makes you aware with both sight and sound cues of oncoming traffic when backing out of a parking space. 10 airbags

come standard.” Joesaid, “ The Verano is easily one of the best handling Buicks in history. It’s nimble in the corners without compromising that smooth Buick ride anyone who’s ever driven one has come

to love.” Pamsaid, “ The steering wheel controls are readily available and put you in control of everything you need, including a Bluetooth enabled phone, IntelliLink and

cruise control.” Joesaid, “ Buick’s IntelliLink interactive sound system allows you to access your music library andinitiate hands-free calls. You can store your phone contacts and connect to apps such as Pandora. There is a USB port to connect your iPod or iPhone. All of this takes place on Verano’s LED backlit, highres, seven-inch

touch screen.” Meyer Motors’ representativesaid, “ We are seeing the Verano appeal to a vast audience from previous seasoned Buick owners to youngor first-time Buick buyers. Verano seems to offer something to everyone. We guess everyone loves

32mpg. “ TheVerano’sfour-year/ 50,000-mile bumper to bumper andfive-year/ 100,000-mile powertrain warranties are some of the best in

thebusiness. “ Verano’s base model startsat $ 23,965 The vehicle for this test drivewas $ 26,160. Buick currently has aspecial 24-month lease which is verypopular. $ 199 a month also includes two years of schedule maintenance, two years of OnStar and two years of Sirius

XMradio. “ We try to be really competitive so we see more of these affordable, chic, luxurious rides around town. I feel the Veranos were slow to start off when they first entered the marketplace but they sure are taking off now. I had someone recently lease one from us and her niece had just purchased a Verano as well only weeks prior. Neither one knew the other was getting one. They’re excited. A customer called me about two weeks after having the Verano and called to tell me that she loved it. She loved the radio streaming and telling her what song was playing while it was on. She loved the BlueTooth. In fact, she was calling me from her Verano. It is awesome when a customer calls you to tell you all the things they love about their vehicle. How often does that

everhappen? “ It’s important to find a vehicle you like, but it’s also important to find a dealer you like. One that you feel comfortable trusting and working with. Even one that you can get absolutely excited with about your

newvehicle. “ See our dealership for details or, better yet, schedule your own test drive by calling Janet Fonderat1-866-557-0069or e-mailingjanet@gomeyermotors. com. You can alsovisitwww.GoMeyerMotors. com orcall 866-

557-0069.” Meyer Motors is located at 107 Plaza Lane in Plymouth and sells new Buicks and GMCs as well asquality pre-