More portable drills have been added to the already extensive lineup of power tools at New Holstein True Value. Melissa Reese has noted changes in the sizes, look and weight of many newer power drills.

Dianne will tell you. In order to keep shoppers in their store they diversified and added dozens of different types of handles in several finishes. “Shoppers want a lot of choices,” Dianne added. “We are constantly looking at new items and changing out some of the older product for new.”

“One thing I cannot keep stocked is chalkboard paint,” Melissa said. Quite simply, that paint dries black and allows any surface to instantly become a chalkboard surface. Melissa assists many people who have purchased this paint for rummage sale items turned into treasures. Someone once took an old school desk, doused it in chalkboard paint and created something new from something old school.

True Value officials know they too cannot be old school in their approach to shoppers. Corporation wide, colors and floor plan layout are more shopper friendly, Melissa stated. Additionally, the merchandise selections have changed as well. Her company is also running different types of ads around different holidays such as Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving weekend. Melissa added True Value is bringing in items normally not thought of as a hardware store items or something they would promote, but they are bringing them in at excellent prices, with limited supply.

“We always keep a selection of gift items for lawn and garden and a few softer gift items, but mostly our paint and patio furniture are top sellers.” Melissa added, “We are always adjusting our patio furniture inventory and getting new inventory in and it is never the same.”

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They always have the products needed to redo a room, from texture to patching to paint and even wall decals. If customers are more courageous, they have the rental department for more extensive projects, like tile saw, texture sprayer and wallpaper steamers. Sometimes customers come in just to discuss the project and she helps them along. By showing them what is available, sometimes it’s a matter of going back home with samples and coming back to purchase when they are ready. “One of the biggest compliments I receive is that we always have unique things here that they do not see anywhere else,” Melissa added. Want biodegradable, environmentally friendly, lemon verbena scented cleaning products for your home? Evidently, many people do.

It’s really about service

Actually, it has never been just about paint and plumbing or cleaning products. Home grown, authentic, excellent customer service has always been a cornerstone to this company’s reputation. These small town stores to which we’ve become accustomed are more than a place to get a box of nails and copper tubing, furnace filters, rakes and shovels. They have an organic mainstay in the communities in which we live.

Have a home improvement idea this fall? Tackling those gutters before snow flies or painting the guest room to spiff things up before company calls? Shop locally and talk with Melissa anytime at the store. And, while you’re there, you might want to check out their selection of duct tape. It’s just not your grandfather’s duct tape anymore.

Trends come and go, but it’s nice to know companies are accommodating and relating to all shoppers by taking the tools at hand and finding success in the making. More female shoppers equals greater revenue, equals greater profit margins, equals a better economy. One thing that will never change with Melissa’s store is the feel of the small town atmosphere with personal attention and customer service, no matter who walks in the door. And, for True Value, they did it all themselves.