Pedal’rs beatin’ the heat
By Mike Mathes
The shade of a tree provides a nice spot for a break.
An old mill looks run down in Springfield at the halfway point of the trail.
An antique bicycle adorns the interior of the Pedal’rs Inn in Wales.

People spend their entire winter complaining about the cold.

Maybe that’s why we took matters in our own hands during our recent heat wave and decided to embrace the warmth with some good old fashioned exercise.

After getting a lot of suggestions to try a bed and breakfast experience, we did some scrounging around the internet to find a B&B that offered accommodations near a bike trail.

Many different options appeared, but as the household reservation maker, I settled on one that was both convenient to other plans and seemingly situated in the right place.

How could you go wrong, I surmised, with a place called the Pedal’rs Inn?

Turns out the Wales bed and breakfast run by Dee Nierzwicki and her husband Rick was just the right prescription to anchor a fun weekend of biking and exploration.

Right on the trail

Veterans of the many great rail-to-trail opportunities in Wisconsin, we often seek those riding venues. The former railroad beds have limited grade changes, and offer the easiest biking.

With no hills to suck the wind out of you, the biking resembles touring far more than it does a road workout.

Pedal’rs Inn is located right along one of those trails, the Glacial Drumlin Trail, which runs from Waukesha to the east suburbs of Madison.

In the past, we were fortunate enough to check out the segment of the Drumlin

Trail that extends east from Lake Mills, so this would provide a trip on another portion of that trail.
Great start to the day

Pedal’rs Inn is know for its painted lady exterior and its finely artistic interior architecture.

But, the mainstay of the experience is the gourmet five-course breakfast offered by Dee each day.

While my memory fogs over the details, my stomach reminds me that the various tastes and textures of the breakfast were delightful.

Champagne sorbet cleansed the palate one day for the eggs and bacon to follow. A nifty raspberry dessert finished of another. Cold strawberry soup provided a starter to a hot day of biking ahead.

Easy paved trail

Our Saturday biking included two stints.

Six miles away to the east was our first target of the day, downtown Waukesha— also known and touted as Guitar City for its history connection to Les Paul and the infamous Stratocaster guitar.

With the sun yet to reach its zenith, we ambled along the paved trail passing farmland, a golf course, residential areas, and finally crossing a few busy roads into the Waukesha suburbs. We sauntered past parks and the Carroll College campus down to the waterfront, where a maze of vendors offered their wares at a farmer’s market.

Fresh carrots and kohlrabis were part

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