EL Progress briefs 2012
Webs by Wagner builds Web sites

Laura Wagner of Webs by Wagner has been creating clean, concise, quality Web sites since 2000.

“A lot of people create Web sites,” Wagner said. “I do more. I will make your site the best sales tool it can be. I don’t just copy/paste text. I don’t just upload photos you provide. I proof, edit, enhance and make suggestions for search engine optimization and to bring out your U. S. A. (Unique Selling Advantage). Why are you better than your competition? I will help you get that message out to your potential customers.”

Wagner added, “Search Engine Optimization is part of the deal with me. Don’t be fooled by the so-called ‘SEO gurus.’ Yes, SEO is very important but these days it’s all about good, keyword rich page text and simple code. My sites are search engine friendly and I don’t charge extra for SEO because that’s just the way I make Web sites. You get a package deal with me.”

For more information check out websbywagner.com.