Paceline philosophy benefits everyone
By Mark Sherry
Stephen Groessel photo
Respecting the antique styling of the home, Paceline Construction built an addition to this Elkhart Lake residence. Paceline Construction owner Tony Schwaller stands in a newly constructed bedroom of the home which features a generous view of a backyard replete with greenery and woods.

Paceline is a term used in cycling where bicycle riders can cooperate and draft one another at a higher speed than an individual can sustain.

In his personal and professional life, that is a philosophy which Tony Schwaller has adopted—so much so that he named his Elkhart Lake-based construction business Paceline Construction.

Schwaller said he knows that by working in unison with his customers, his crew and his subcontractors, everyone benefits and the end product leaves everyone feeling good about the experience.

Paceline Construction does not simply aim to be the lowest bidder on every job, Schwaller said. The business specializes in mid to high-end homes. Installations and remodels incorporate the latest design features and building techniques. They work closely with a small pool of experts and specialists to ensure the highest quality control possible. Schwaller said, “This arrangement gives the homeowner all the benefits of having the best specialists available, without having to worry about taking a chance on the subcontractor with the lowest bid.”

Creating minimal disruption

Carpenters Ryan, Scott and Dan and office manager Kayla join Tony in working to provide minimal disruption to homeowners, a clean work environment and daily housekeeping of the work space, and open book invoicing and project administration. They have their own dump trailers at the job site and work to keep lawns intact even throughout heavy construction or remodeling projects.

When working in a sensitive environment a HEPA (filters) dust extractor is used when cutting, sanding and milling material. The high end dustless tool is highly effective in capturing 98 percent of dust generated from such activity.

Schwaller has owned Paceline Construction for nine years but has 18 years of experience in construction and remodeling, having worked with three Sheboygan County custom home builders from 1994 to 2003. His final three years working for other builders included management. He helped manage numerous projects from high-end new homes ($700,000-plus valuations) to commercial casework installations, including high schools and college science labs.

Paceline Construction will do everything from new home and light commercial construction to replacing a single window for a customer, and everything in between. No matter what the project, attention is paid to both quality and energy conservation. Schwaller said he is constantly learning and passing along what he knows about building science issues.

From additions to remodeling

Kitchen and bathroom remodels continue to be a popular request for the services of Paceline Construction, along with additions and complete home remodels. Paceline Construction self-performs various aspects of most projects such as custom design work, rough carpentry, finish carpentry, cabinetry, roofing, custom built shower enclosures and all types of tiling. Schwaller said they get most of their business through positive word-of-mouth referrals, which reflects their reputation for high quality, service and customer satisfaction.

Most of Paceline Construction’s work is done in the Elkhart Lake, Plymouth and Sheboygan areas, although Schwaller said they will travel within about a 60-mile radius of Elkhart Lake to do work.

“Recently I renovated a large deck in the Plymouth area incorporating improvements such as LED lighting, cedar pergola, and exotic wood species like ipe and cypress,” Schwaller said.

“At the same time we are completing a master bedroom addition and bathroom in the Elkhart Lake area which includes a walk-in shower stall and custom built cabinetry. In constructing the addition an emphasis was placed on maintaining the homes’ design features including moldings and window sills made custom in our shop and matching cabinetry styles and features already present in the home.”

Schwaller added, “I don’t intend on getting big. I want to stay small and focus on this area.”

Attention to detail and superior customer service distinguishes Paceline Construction from its competitors, Schwaller said, adding that it is a benefit to have the full-time office at 92 C Lincoln St. in Elkhart Lake. Estimates are free, and more information can be obtained by calling the office at 876-4020.

Changes in the construction industry also have benefitted Paceline Construction, which already had its focus on doing things the right way and the best way. “It seems like the quality has gone up in the last few years because the banks don’t want to loan on low quality,” Schwaller said. Home inspections have gotten more rigorous—including in rural areas—and new government requirements emphasize safe work environments.

When he is not working, Schwaller, 36, spends time with wife Brenda and sons Ryder and Liam in their Little Elkhart Lake area home. Despite his long days at work, he remains a competitive competitive cyclist and cross country ski racer.

Whether on his bike, at home or at work, Schwaller said there are benefits to getting in line, cooperating and communicating.