In case you didn’t know, a county fair is...

Everyone knows what a county fair is and has been to one, right?

Well, maybe not, which is why the Web site “wisegeek” provides this explanation to first-time county fair attendees:

A county fair is a local event often held in the late spring, summer or early fall. Fairs give communities a chance to show off their unique habits and talents and can be a wonderful expression of a county’s personality.

For long-time residents, the county fair can be a nostalgic event, bringing back memories of Ferris wheels and cotton candy past, and giving them a chance to introduce younger generations to a great tradition.

Many county fairs have specialized events or exhibitions of local items. In farming towns or counties with a significant agricultural base, the fair may offer contests for the biggest produce, the best flowers or hardiest livestock. Agricultural groups such as 4-H often encourage young members to enter their livestock, teaching a new generation about the values of farming and quality agricultural work. Other events, such as sheepdog trials or horse races, pit local owners and breeders against one another, bringing fame and sometimes fortune to the winner, as well as entertainment to the crowd.

In addition to agricultural displays, county fairs often include arts and crafts exhibitions or contests. These displays may cover a wide variety of artistic mediums, from painting and photography to sculpture, quilt making and ornamental woodwork. If you are visiting your county fair, take some time to look over the displays of your local community; not only will you come away with a better sense of the talent around you, you might find a favorite artist or artisan to contact for future work. Often, the art at county fairs is offered for sale, so be prepared to walk away with the perfect watercolor to hang over the mantel.

For many people, the defining characteristic of a county fair is the carnival. Although not as elaborate as Disneyland or as thrill-seeking as a heavy duty roller coaster park, the carnival rides are usually enough to induce screams and shouts of delight. Many carnival midways will also feature various games of skill, usually providing the rare winners with a stuffed animal large enough to guard your house. If you are concerned about the games being less-than-fair, try out ones that pit competitors against each other, rather than just against the odds.

County fair food is usually fragrant, fattening and often fried. This is the day to throw your diet out the door and

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