Tips for picking right dishwasher

If you’re done with doing dishes, you’re not alone.

According to a recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive, 21 percent of women cited washing the dishes as their least favorite household chore.

Before deciding on a dishwasher, consider the following shopping tips from the Whirlpool Institute of Kitchen Science:

¦ Load it up: If everyone had the same set of dishes, cookware and serveware, one dishwasher would fit all. But that is not the case. So take stock of your dishes before shopping to better judge if your dishes will sit comfortably in the racks. Most dishwashers also now come with holders to prevent silverware from “nesting,” so make sure your set fits the slots.

¦ Check under the hood: Sort of. Most people don’t know the difference between filter-and disposal-based systems, so be sure to look at the bottom of the dishwasher, as the difference is significant.

Filter-based systems, which use water filtration to separate food particles from the water washing your dishes, are generally quieter and more energy efficient— but they also require a periodic rinse of the filter.