common to book appointments eight weeks in advance. Space is limited and for quality control the number of items consigned should not exceed a full wash basket. All items may not be accepted. “Our staff must rely on present needs and past experience to determine what will sell in our store. Please do not take offense if we do not select some of your items,” Stauss said. Merchandise is accepted seasonally as follows: Spring: from February until March; Summer: from April through July; Fall: August through October, and Winter, October through January.

Over a three-year period, Stauss said she has worked with 2,500 consignors,

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each of whom is assigned their own bar code and is entered into a computer system. Consignors can view their merchandise and its sale status online.

The pricing of merchandise at Nikki’s Nex 2 New is determined generally by its fair market value. Items will be priced to sell quickly but for the best value. “We price at the highest starting price we think the market will allow,” Stauss said. Research is done online. Standard items are priced at a quarter of retail whereas items with original tags attached are priced at half of retail. But she added, “It depends on the item and whether it is a name brand.” Consignors receive 40 percent of the selling price after it sells.

Consigned items must be two years old or newer and in quality condition. The consignment period is 120 days total. Items stay at the regular price for 90 days, then for 30 days at 50 percent off. If consignors don’t want their unsold merchandise sold at a discount or donated to charity, they are asked to stop at the store around the 90 day mark to pick them up. The store will provide a printout on donated items to consignors for tax purposes.

Store sales are dictated by season endings. For instance spring or summer sales may be 30 or 50 percent off on tagged items.

Stauss and her husband Scott and two teen children Jazmin and Mason reside in Howards Grove.

Besides Stauss, the staff members at Nikki’s Nex 2 New are Jazmin Stauss, Erin Vreeke, Somer Flaig, Kelsey Glaser, Brenna Steins, Tatum Brickner, Erica Brickner, Lauren Binversie and Jill Fogle.

The store will be observing new hours effective Aug. 27. Hours will be Monday through Friday from 10 a. m.-7 p. m., Saturday from 9 a. m.-5 p. m., and Sunday from 10 a. m.-2 p. m.

Visit the store’s Web site at www.nikkisnex2new.comor view its activity on