Happy Tails

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er knew she wanted to do something else and took a course in pet grooming. She did grooming on the side out of the basement of their adjacent home for a couple years. Being displaced from her factory job provided the impetus for Randy and Diana to make Happy Tails their full-time venture, and they have been busy ever since.

Diana knows there are benefits to regular grooming for pets and owners alike. Regular grooming will control shedding, control odors, prevent matting, and improve the overall health and skin condition of the pet. There are emotional benefits to grooming as well, especially for younger kittens and puppies. Grooming helps them get used to being touched by humans.

A dog or cat which is groomed regularly looks healthier and better cared for, and helps keep their coat in good condition.

Customers also know that Randy and Diana are pet people. Their 14-year-old dog Cecil recently passed away, but they have since rescued 7-year-old Abby who was found on an abandoned property in Ohio.

Abby sees a lot of friends coming and going each day as Happy Tails is open seven days per week from 6 a. m. to 6 p. m. Randy said their business volume is pretty much split equally between boarding and grooming. Summer is their busiest time, but winter weekends are also brisk. They even have customers from out of the state who might be vacationing in the Kohler or Elkhart Lake areas or on their way to Door County or some other Wisconsin getaway.

As a person might imagine, Happy Tails has seen dogs of all shapes and sizes. Randy said the largest might have been a Leonberger service dog by the name of Bear—aptly named as Leonbergers can be up to 170 pounds.

There is no dog quite that big at Happy Tails on this day, but certainly plenty of other ones coming and going for their stay at this pet resort. To learn more stop in, check out www.happytailspetgrooming.netor call (920) 912-6066.