Plenty of tails wag at HG’s Happy Tails
By Mark Sherry
Mark Sherry photo
Diana Schmidt was busy grooming a dog which seemed to have no qualms about his day at Happy Tails.

It is a Friday morning in late July and Happy Tails Pet Grooming & Boarding just south of Howards Grove is a very busy place.

A steady stream of pet owners are coming and going, dropping off their pets as the owners prepare to go on vacation; picking them up after some time away; or bringing them in for a haircut and/or bath.

Owners Randy and Diana Schmidt are as busy as their employees, Randy helping with the arriving and departing animals and Diana in back trimming up a dog. They employ two other full-time groomers and Diana’s niece provides some summer help.

In this hour of this day the pets are exclusively dogs, but Happy Tails sees its share of cats as well and has complete, modern facilities for both. Randy’s mom used to enter Persians in cat shows and Randy would assist in showing them.

Relatively new building

The Happy Tails facility at N7894 STH 42, Sheboygan is about two years old and was designed by Diana and Randy. The new facility helps attract and keep customers, but what is more important is the caring attitude and the quality of service provided by the Schmidts and their employees.

“I’ve been told that we’re much cleaner and safer” than some other facilities, Randy said.

Happy Tails is wheelchair accessible. It features 22 kennels including 14 large kennels, two multi-dog kennels, and a small dog kennel area. “The first year wasn’t real busy but we were doing fairly well,” Randy said. “Now it’s always busy.” He said they have already talked about possibly expanding and have the adjacent land to do it.

The indoor facility is climate controlled and has a system which refreshes the air in the building three times per hour if needed. It features an indoor play area, but there is also an outdoor play area measuring 40 feet by 70 feet. Soothing music is played throughout the day—interrupted, of course, by some fairly frequent barking.

Regular potty breaks

Randy said, “We let the dogs out every two hours for a potty break. We let the dogs out individually. We don’t have a guillotine door.”

Special needs services are available and a local veterinarian is on call 24/7. Multiple pet discounts also are available.

The back rooms are equipped with bathing and grooming facilities. Grooming service at Happy Tails is really a day at the spa for pets as they can get bathed and clipped and have their ears, nails and anal glands treated as needed.

Diana is busy on this Friday morning clipping a dog. The former factory work-

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