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By Stephen Groessel
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The creative team at Sign Me Up in Howards Grove includes (from left) Bryon Brooks, Glen Tackes, Ty Bartz, Kevin Henschel and Brian Dunton. The firm produces full-color banners, digital/LED signs, pole signs and custom lit signs. To contact the firm call (920) 698-1221 or visit

Not long after the Curiosity rover landed at the base of a mountain on Mars striking images of the Red Planet came back to earth sent electronically by NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover.

Shortly afterwards India announced it is eager to get into Mars exploration by sending an unmanned probe into orbit next year. India’s space plan will cost an estimated $4.5 billion.

It seems the curiosity of many countries is intensifying when it comes to space exploration and travel. And the images that capture the Red Planet’s composition and remove lingering mysteries about it are indeed satisfying nearly everyone’s curiosity.

The photographic marvels played out in space are found here on earth too, put to use in the field of advertising.

A newer method of advertising that demands consumer attention is the electronic billboard. It provides ad visibility in a matter of minutes. With digital billboard ads, images and one’s message is entered into the board’s electronic play list rotation and shown for an eight second duration on substantial traffic routes every 90 seconds or 1,080 times in a 24 hour period. You get 24/7 exposure for only $20 per day. You don’t pay $4.5 billion to send the world images of your product or services!

Quick, cost effective

What is being described here is very quick, convenient, and cost effective for any business. Providing ad visibility in a matter of minutes, the digital billboard eliminates costly, pre-printed artwork, said Sign Me Up of Wisconsin co-owner Brian Dunton.

Dunton explains that one’s digital ad is created and loaded into the board’s electronic rotation. It will display for an eight second duration and will rotate with other ads on the same board. Consumers are guaranteed full rotation every 90 seconds.

Dunton says digital billboard ad messages can run any length of time, a couple days or for that matter only several hours. He said the electronic display adjusts to variable illumination levels, a feature that reduces costs and makes the message more visible under nighttime and daytime conditions.

Sign Me Up offers installation of all materials it produces, on-site consultation and permit acquisition. Dunton said we also can supply all materials and build your very own billboard structure, or work with you on a very competitive land-lease package.”

Graphic artists provide designs

Two graphic artists at Sign Me Up produce the art work for digital signs, banners and all other types of signs. When the design work for the digital billboard is completed, it is sent to the customer for proofing and then placed in the board’s electronic rotation. A software program allows the sign information to be sent from the Howards Grove site through the Internet. Customer directed changes can be made instantly to the digital bill board. Payment is not required until the customer is satisfied with the design or sales agreement.

Sign Me Up currently has digital billboards ideally located in Plymouth along Hwy 57 just south of CTH C and two

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