Principal wants to hear buzz about Trinity
By Mark Sherry
Dave Gosa is the new principal of Trinity Lutheran School in the town of Rantoul. The Kewaskum native also will be doing some teaching at the school in addition to trying to bring more technology to the school.

When the approximately 60 students of Trinity Lutheran School in the town of Rantoul head back to school in early September, they will find a new principal in the building.

But Dave Gosa said he wants the real buzz to be about the school and the direction it is heading.

“I want this to be the school that people are buzzing about,” Gosa said on one of his first visits to the school earlier this summer. “I think technology is that step.”

The Kewaskum native admits he is a “techie” and said he wants to bring his belief in the value of new technologies to Trinity Lutheran. As an example of that, he said a long-term goal is to have a tablet computer for every student. Another goal is to create a mobil computer lab which can be moved from classroom to classroom. “I think so much of teaching is capturing the moment,” Gosa said, and today’s multi-media computer applications allow teachers to show students so much more about virtually any subject.

Technology is just one tool which can help create the well rounded students Gosa said he would like Trinity’s to be. “When they go to whatever high school they go to, our kids stand out—that’s my ultimate goal,” he said.

The most important element in making that happen is the spiritual focus of a school such as Trinity Lutheran. Gosa said, “I believe we are preparing the next generation of Christian leaders. ‘Good enough’ doesn’t exist—we’re always striving to be better. Kids respond to that, and we have a lot of fun doing that. I want kids to be thirsty for that.”

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Gosa added, “You have to think, ‘How can I take the school to the next level.’ We are constantly striving for excellence.”

Gosa said initial meetings with teachers indicate Trinity Lutheran has an “amazing staff” and “an amazing congregation.” He said he is coming to a school which is on a solid foundation, even in his favorite area of technology. “I would say it’s good,” Gosa said of the current technological offerings for the 3-year-old preschool through eighth grade school, pointing out that there are Smartboards in every classroom. “For a small school in rural Wisconsin, it’s

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