A Dealers tab enables visitors to search for a specific dealer in their geographic area, or even beyond. From there, a single click enables them to see that dealer’s entire inventory. Again, the results can be sorted by name, mileage, year, price and distance factors.

At launch, nearly 7,000 vehicles in eastern Wisconsin were searchable on the site, with more to come as additional Wisconsin area codes and dealers are added to the data base.

Jeff Dobrunz, sales manager for the Vande-Hey Brantmeier General Motors store in Chilton, said one of the greatest advantages of the new Cars 920 site is its local nature. “This will give people the ability to find local inventory with instant access. They don’t have to worry about sorting through inventory that might be located far away,” he said. “The inventory they will see is going to be actual cars and trucks from their local dealers.”

Dobrunz said participation in Cars920.comprovides many advantages for local dealers like VandeHey

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Brantmeier. He added, “Anytime we have an opportunity to get our cars in front of people, it’s a good thing. This gives us great flexibility to offer a virtual showroom for our customers.”