Cyclists refueling with chocolate milk

As cyclists across the nation train for Tour of America’s Dairyland (ToAD), now the largest competitive cycling event in the U. S., many are refueling with nature’s recovery drink of choice—chocolate milk.

To rebuild muscle tissue after a strenuous workout, athletes need high-quality proteins in their recovery routine. Research shows athletes are able to work harder in their next workout when they drink chocolate milk instead of popular sports drinks because chocolate milk provides the ideal ratio of carbohydrates to protein needed to replenish energy.

A separate study found that cyclists who consumed chocolate milk instead of other drinks were able to cut at least six minutes, on average, off their ride times when going the same distance.

“I’ve encouraged riders on my team to replenish with chocolate milk after training for years,” said Laurel Green, director of the Early Bird Women’s Developmental Cycling Team. “For the greatest performance and recovery benefits, I’ve found the key is to drink it within 30 minutes of riding.”

Entering its fourth year, ToAD will travel to 11 Wisconsin communities June 21 to July 1. This year the series added two new courses and improved its scoring system. With huge payouts and four races listed on the USA Cycling National Criterium Calendar, organizers are expecting top racers, excited crowds and a lot more chocolate milk. “The Tour of America’s Dairyland supports healthy lifestyles, both physically and nutritionally,” said Dave Bavlnka, vice president of advertising at the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board. “Cyclists who participate in this event have the unique opportunity to ride through the hills of some of the best dairy farms in the country and then enjoy the nutritional and performance benefits of chocolate milk.”

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