Nicole Schoenberger has a hold of Big Red.

freestall barn to house 350 cows, along with building new manure pits and expanding the feed pad for additional feed storage. In 2011, another special needs freestall barn was built along with renovation of the old parlor to include a double 10 parallel parlor.

“Today, Greendale Dairy milks 560 cows, raises 455 heifers (half of these spend a year and a half in Colorado, near Greeley at The Heifer Authority), crop over 1,000 acres which include corn, alfalfa, wheat and soybeans.

“In addition to Nic and Mike, family members include Dale and Roy Schuler along with seven full-time milkers, two herdspeople, and one outside assistant. Part-time college students along with several friends and some retired men help out during the cropping season.

“Data from our cows is very important. Along with using Eastern Wisconsin DHIA for monthly production information for the cows, Dairy Comp 305 is used to record all health and reproductive events. Nic manages the farm and the employees with the help of Quickbooks

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and an outstanding accountant.

Waste management

“All manure from the barns are pumped into one of the two earthen lagoons located behind the freestall barns. The sand pit stores 3.5 million gallons of sand laden manure and the big pit stores 7.5 million gallons of parlor waste and waste from the other freestall barns. The overflow from the sand allows us to manage the sand in only one lagoon. Along with feeding the cows and harvesting the crops, Mike works closely with a crop consultant to maximize the nutrient value of the manure once it is hauled to the fields in the fall. All manure is incorporated immediately after hauling to ensure we protect our surrounding environment. Soil samples are collected on an annual basis.

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