¦ the annual Night for Women held at the Engler Center in Chilton;

¦ rural outreach programs through Harbor House;

¦ support for the CMC sleep lab;

¦ hospital crash carts;

¦ defibrillation for key public locations;

¦ oversized hospital beds;

¦ OB-GYN stretchers; ¦ Library resource materials for health education; and

¦ arterial Doppler equipment; and a host of others.

The Calumet Area Community Health Foundation is able to award grants and scholarships based on its “nest egg” fund. Interest generated from the fund determines the level of grants and scholarships that can be offered each year.

Although CACHF was initiated with a significant base fund, the foundation also welcomes the ability to grow the fund through ongoing contributions from individuals, organizations and estates.

Those contributions help CACHF keep pace with the growing needs and changing economic times.

Those who would like more information about supporting or contributing to the efforts of CACHF are welcome to contact the foundation via the website at

Paul Hugo, the current president of the organization, can be reached at 920-849-8700 or via email @ mailing address for contributions is CACHF, Suite 6, 451 E. Brooklyn St., Chilton, WI 53014.

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