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Work is continuing on the expansion project on Stanley Schmitz, Inc. near Charlesburg. Above will be the new entrance to the retail appliance area, while below is the new loading dock leading to the warehouse.

Schmitz, Inc. better handle those materials.

Everything changes

Round-the-clock farm operations also have changed the way Stanley Schmitz, Inc. provides service to its farm customers, who predominately are located in the four-county area of Calumet, Fond du Lac, Manitowoc and Sheboygan. If a piece of milking equipment fails, farm operations cannot afford to have their system down for long. Because of that, Stanley Schmitz, Inc. personnel are on call 24/7/365. “It used to be that milking was done at 9 o’clock—you didn’t have to worry until the morning,” Pat said.

Today’s milking systems include a lot of computerization, even monitoring the condition of the cow giving the milk. Stanley Schmitz, Inc. employees are continually undergoing training to keep up with the latest in equipment and how to service it.

“It (change) goes with the territory,” Pat said. “You either go with it or get out of it. Cows aren’t going to go away.”

The need for wash machines, dryers and refrigerators is not going to go away either, which is good news for Stanley Schmitz, Inc. The link between the refrigeration work it does for its dairy customers and the refrigerators people put in their homes is part of the reason Stanley Schmitz, Inc. first got into the appliance business. Sales and service of appliances has helped diversify the business.

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Stanley Schmitz, Inc. started out in the appliance business by using about a quarter of the floor space in its original building as a showroom. The new showroom about to open will dwarf that original space.

The business led by Pat and brothers Wayne, Ron and Gary continues to provide service on everything it sells, as well as on many other out-of-warranty brand names. The Schmitz family gives a lot of credit to their dedicated employees. “Your business can’t run without people who are willing to help you out,” Pat said. Stanley Schmitz, Inc. employs about a dozen people, plus four or five high schoolers who help out part time.

Pat added, “We also would like to thank all our customers over the years for their loyalty. Without them we couldn’t exist.

“Also, a lot of the expansion is to the credit of our parents. Their dedication made a lot of this possible.

“I think we hopefully offer a value to the customer out there,” Pat said. “We try to keep a very good service force out there. You buy a $1,000 or more piece of equipment and it’s only as good as who is going to come out and service that for you. We have a lot of years of experience here. We try to be there as quick as possible. The service part brings on the sales.”

And thanks to the progress at Stanley Schmitz, it is now going to be much easier to do both.