Stanley Schmitz expansion nearly done
By Mark Sherry
The staff at Stanley Schmitz, Inc. stands outside what is soon to become the front entrance to the retail area of their business on CTH G south of Chilton. They are (front, from left) Pat Schmitz, Wayne Schmitz, Gary Schmitz, Mark Fochs, Ron Schmitz, Shirley Schmitz and Jerry Vreeland; and (back) Mark Rusch, Doug Rusch, John Geiger, Dan Rosenau, Kyle Schmitz and Bob Schmitz.

One of the area’s biggest signs of progress in the past year easily can be seen by people taking a drive along CTH G south of Chilton.

Stanley Schmitz, Inc., a business founded by its namesake in 1956, is in the homestretch of a building expansion of 6,800 square feet.

Pat Schmitz—one of the four Schmitz brothers who currently own the business— said the expansion was long overdue as it adds more space and some conveniences which will be most welcome by employees and customers alike.

Helped by the mild winter and early spring, the project should be completed by the end of May with an open house probably being held sometime this summer, perhaps in July.

Showroom space doubling

What customers will find when they visit the new Stanley Schmitz, Inc. is a customer entrance on the west side of the building, opening up into an expanded appliance showroom which doubles the showroom space for the laundry and kitchen appliances sold by the business.

Toward the back of the showroom will be a parts counter leading to a back parts area. Pat said all the parts used for the dairy milking systems installed by Stanley Schmitz, Inc. and the retail appliance end of the business will be centralized in that area.

Another small room off the new showroom will house used equipment and closeouts for the bargain seekers.

A huge part of the expansion project which customers will see but not use is the expanded warehouse and the new loading dock on the northwest corner of the building. The dock is critical to the growing farming division of the Stanley Schmitz business.

When Pat started working for his father’s business in 1980, Stanley Schmitz, Inc. was busy converting the many small family farm operations throughout the region from systems where farmers milked into buckets to pipeline systems. He recalls a time when the business had 14 pipeline conversion jobs lined up to do.

But everyone knows farming has continued to change over the years with operations getting much larger. Agribusinesses such as Stanley Schmitz, Inc. have either had to change along with the times

Mark Sherry photo

or disappear.

As farm operations have gotten larger,

the size of the equipment those operations use also has grown as has the volume of equipment and supplies provided by support businesses such as Stanley Schmitz, Inc. The expanded warehouse and new truck dock will help Stanley

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