J. D. Power agrees: Burg’s agency serves customers
By Gina Kabat
Gina Kabat photo
For the fifth year in a row, Agent Leah Burg (left) and Office Manager Tonya Tasch hold the coveted J. D Power and Associates award.

Give yourself two minutes to think about your insurance.

Most people don’t even want to take that much time.

Having a “go to” person is essential when it comes to attention and detailed information that could save property owners thousands of dollars. Anything could happen, but being covered properly is one less thing to think about when two minutes could mean a world of difference.

What should everyone be thinking about?

Keeping themselves, families and their possessions protected.

Has your agent reviewed your policy with you within the past year? For Leah Burg at American Family Insurance in Chilton, that is a big question. One question, in fact, that has awarded her office with the esteemed prestigious award of the J. D. Power and Associates.

The award is only given to leading agencies that strive for customer excellence and obtain a high level of results based on consumer feedback. For the fifth year in a row, Agent Leah Burg and Office Manager Tonya Tasch keep the momentum going inside their office by helping people, helping their families and by caring about the business of insurance. Licensed Customer Service Representative Sarah Kopf is happy to take your calls and get an appointment scheduled for you today.

Proud of Power award

Each year J. D. Power and Associates surveys consumers around the world to gather their opinions, perceptions and expectations about the products and services they purchase. Surveyed information forms the basis for company, product and service rankings or other industryspecifi c metrics that are used to gauge company performance. J. D. Power and Associates might be best known for its work in the automotive industry; however, in recent years, the company has expanded to serve a number of other industries, including telecommunications, travel and hotels, marine, utilities, healthcare, homebuilder, consumer packaged goods, electronics and financial services.

“We’re very proud of this award,” Leah said of the accomplishment she and her office staff have obtained. Together, they prominently display the trophy at their West Main Street location and speak about it with clients. They know it is their dedication to their clients and families that has given them such a coveted award.

“We review our client files repeatedly and make sure all clients are up to date on new offerings, contractual changes or products that will plug in to their lifestyle and needs,” Leah said. Having an open rapport with policy holders and prospective families just flows naturally, as she is well versed in all areas of her business and continues to build on her relationships.

Have you thought about purchasing a Personal Liability Umbrella to protect all assets in the event of a lawsuit? How about selecting the highest deductible you can afford? Did you know that renters insurance could be purchased for as little as $7 a month? How about emergency road side assistance or car rental reimbursement protection? These are just a few of the many areas American Family Insurance can help with.

Leah wants all of your business. In fact, it is better for several reasons for policy owners to have everything covered with one agency. In the event of an accident occurring, Leah is able to hone in on specific details associated with the policy, offering peace of mind to her customers knowing that everything will be handled. This eliminates the policy holder from calling one or two different agencies for individual car, home or life insurance policy questions and claims. “I enjoy knowing the whole picture when it comes to my clients,” she added. Leah is committed to bringing a complete package of products and insurance lines to residents of Chilton and surrounding communities.

From her home to yours

Leah wants everyone to know what your policy covers as most policies differ from company to company. Most home owners’ policies have limitations such as jewelry, guns, computers and tools. It’s good practice to schedule these items of value in addition to the policy. It’s also a good idea to take photos or video of items (write down serial numbers or model numbers) that will not be scheduled and kept in a safe place. Also, policies should be stated if they are listed as replacement or actual cash value.

Have a nice finished basement? Is it covered in cases of sump-pump back up or overflow? Typically, there is not coverage to homeowners unless this has been listed as an added endorsement on the policy. Flood insurance is not covered on the policy automatically, it is a separate insurance. Leah suggests home owners who have added over $5,000 in value (example; new roof, shed, pellet stove, deck, patio, pool) should update their policy accordingly.

American Family Insurance is in the driver’s seat.

Uninsured motorist’s coverage is also something to think about. Underinsured motorists coverage is for you or someone in your vehicle if you are injured or killed in an accident by someone who does not have insurance or does not have enough insurance. Do you have a collector/antique/classic policy? Coverage remains extremely affordable and usually requires an appraisal. Think about removing comprehensive or collision coverage when your vehicle turns 10 years old, or the private party value is low, vehicle mileage is high or the vehicle’s loan is paid off. Many people do not realize personal items in the vehicle are not covered under the auto policy but rather the home, condo or renter’s policy. Auto policies typically do not cover non-factory equipment such as special rims, truck caps, running boards, speakers, or custom stereos. Coverage would be needed as an added feature. Most companies now offer Emergency roadside Assistance coverage. American Family has this available for $8 per year.

Get policies reviewed

Make the phone call and set up a review with Leah Burg. Already have a policy elsewhere? It might not hurt to have another agency offer their services and quotes for your comparison. In most cases, a complete review can be handled over the phone by the dedicated team of Leah, Tonya and Sarah.

You’ll be happy to know someone is ready to handle all of these important questions and find a policy that’s right on the money. By the time a cup of coffee cools, which most days is well under 120 seconds, you’ll have everything covered, including the kitchen sink. Call Leah Burg at American Family

Insurance at 849-4300 or visit her office at 18 W. Main St., Chilton. View more details at www.leahburgagency.comor e-mail her at