Chilton Progress briefs 2012
Outdoor theater ready for season

Chilton’s new outdoor theater—the Chilton Twilight Drive-in Theater—will be opening soon for its first full season.

The theater is located in a portion of the parking lot of the former Wal-Mart along STH 32/57 on Chilton’s far south side.

The Chilton Twilight is scheduled to reopen on Friday, May 4. For more information check out

On Jan. 1, 2011, Flex-Staff went “live” with UltraStaff, one of the most advanced staffing software programs available. This new system will give the company a level of functionality which was not previously possible, and will provide features such as:

¦ online timecards/hours recording; ¦ easy paycheck and invoice look


self entry of application paperwork;

¦ automatic resume parsing; ¦ detailed computerized reporting; ¦ client company and temporary employee web portals;

¦ the ability to access our database from another computer;

¦ computerized (paperless) application forms.

In November, the Flex-Staff Chilton office began the most extensive update of the interior office since the building was constructed in 1994. This update included new carpeting, new paint throughout the building, and new interior décor.

In December, Flex-Staff did a major upgrade to the phone system in the Chilton office which seamlessly links the Chilton branch with the headquarters in Appleton.