heimers took a couple years because they wanted to do it right. Tracy took a short course in ice cream making. They attended ice cream conventions where Tracy also made connections which allowed her to work a few days in ice cream shops in other states.

Like the ice cream they produce at Scoops, patience and following a plan has helped the business turn out right. In addition to growing its over-the-counter sales at its shop, Tracy said, “Now we’re doing more of the special events with the concession truck we have.” Farm Technology Days in the New London area this summer is just one example of where people can buy Scoops ice cream from the cooler-equipped concession truck.

More wholesaling planned

Tracy said they also hope to grow the wholesaling end of the business, getting their homemade ice cream in other shops and stores. Victorian Village in Elkhart Lake and Pennelopy’s in Chilton are two places people can find Scoops ice cream for sale.

“It’s grown and a lot of it has grown via word of mouth,” Tracy said of Scoops. Customers regularly come from as far away as Manitowoc, Appleton and Green Bay to enjoy some Scoops ice cream. Serving its ice cream at special events such as the New Holstein Youth Soccer Tournament, Old Wade House in Greenbush and local company picnics also helps spread the word about how tasty it is.

Scoops’ own employees are another source of marketing. With as many as

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16 young people employed there part time during the summer months, they talk it up among their friends. “We work around our employees’ schedules,” Tracy said. “We really like our employees to be involved in the community.”

Being involved in Chilton also is important to the Breckheimers. They are active in the Chamber of Commerce, and they also host blood drives at Scoops in which donors get a pint of ice cream for giving a pint of blood. That is almost as good of a deal as their end-of-season buy one, get one free promotion which is growing rapidly in popularity.

26 flavors at all times

Tracy said she always has 26 flavors from which customers can choose, but has made over 100 different varieties in the past five years. They go through a lot of vanilla because it is used in shakes and sundaes, but butter pecan and caramel cashew are also among the favorites at Scoops.

Some of their flavors have interesting names, a few of which have been suggested by customers via an annual contest. Bear Bait, Scutterbotch, Death by Chocolate, Peanut Butter Hash and Birthday Cake are just a few of those unusual names.

Raspberry fudge and anything which combines chocolate and peanut butter are some of the flavors which put a smile on Tracy’s face.

That is the way it should be, because Scoops Ice Cream Parlor is a happy place.