Good thing gets better at M&I Bank
By Mary Matsumoto
Mary Matsumoto photo
Staff members at M&I Bank in Chilton include (front, from left) Kerry Cummings, universal banker; Diane Thorson, manager; and Beth Moehn, universal banker; and (back) Julie Pethan, CSR; Jane Hale, CSR; Pam Schneider, CSR; and Barb Schwarz, assistant manager. Not pictured is Donna Pingel, CSR.

M&I has been undergoing some exciting new changes since their acquisition by BMO Financial Group last July, giving an even deeper dimension to their slogan, “The bank that defines great customer experience.”

Customers can now expect to benefit from a full array of services that span the continent in an intimate, small-town atmosphere. Yet, they can bank as they have before the change to make the transition as seamless as possible. The move to become a part of BMO Financial Group will make for a more competitive, cost-efficient company with even greater efficiency and with more and better product offerings available for their customers.

The change is not obvious from the outside of the building as yet, but by October 2012, the building will sport a new name with a sign that reads “BMO Harris Bank,” a branding change, as it were. This will come with a new computer system, tying the branches together.

The same familiar, smiling faces will be there to greet their customers as they have in the past. All staff members are part of the community with 143 years of total banking experience, guaranteeing the same friendly service.

Take Barb Schwarz, assistant manager, for instance, who has been with the bank for 36 years.

“I know most of my clients either personally or just from living in this area for a long time,” she said. “It makes it easy for the customer because they know me, and they’re more comfortable coming to someone they know than a brand new face.”

Customers have told her time and again that by contacting her, they knew she’d help them with any concerns. And it’s like that with any member of the staff.

One of the benefits customers will notice is lower mortgage rates.

“Right now, we’re offering a 3.99 APR mortgage for 10 years, no closing cost,” said Diane Thorson, vice president. “Purchase rates are even lower.”

And customers are happy to know that mortgages are now serviced in house. So if they have a question, they can talk to a real person, someone they know.

“Customers can take out a first mortgage, long-term, fixed-rate type, and they

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